Study Room Policy


Morley Library offers two study rooms on the Third floor in order to allow people working together to do so without disturbing other users of the library.  Morley Library’s Behavior and Conduct Policy applies in any study room use. 

1.  The Study Rooms are available to small groups for non-profit, educational, civic, and cultural purposes.  No partisan political events, for-profit activities, or private functions are permitted.  Exceptions may be made for tutoring uses. 

2.  Study rooms are available for use by 2-6 people for two hours.  However, should a room not be in use, an individual may use a Study Room with the understanding that the room must be vacated if a group of two or more people needs to use it.

3.  The room will be held for 10 minutes beyond the reservation time; after that, the room will be released for others to use as needed.

4.  Morley Library reserves the right to use either Study Room for library-related activities. 


Approved by the Morley Library Board of Trustees 17 March, 2004
Amended May 20, 2009