Public Comment at Board of Trustee Meetings

Morley Library Policy on Public Comment at Board of Trustee Meetings

Morley Library Board of Trustee meetings are public meetings, and as such, may be observed by members of the public.

1. The Agenda of the meeting shall include an item for public comment. This is the only time during the meeting that the public may contribute to the meeting. Board meetings are not open meetings, and because of that, observers may not participate in the work of the Board.

2. In order to ensure that all who wish to speak may be heard, and to ensure that the work of the Board progresses in a timely fashion, each person wishing to make comment to the Board shall be given (3) three minutes to speak.

3. Each speaker shall provide his / her name and address for inclusion in the official record of the Board. The Minutes of the meeting will reflect the comments made by members of the public.

4. The Board will accept the comments, but may choose not to respond to them, preferring instead to consider them at another time.

6. Copies of the Board Minutes are available when requested in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, Morley Library 15 February 2006