Chronology of Events

Chronology of Events

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1840       Lake County erected and organized
1841   Aug. 28   General Edward Paine dies
1850       Census of Painesville Township 3,128
1852       Town of Painesville becomes Village of Painesville
1854       Storrs & Harrison Nursery established
1857       Fire destroys business block in Painesville
1860       Census of Painesville Township 4,388*; and Village of Painesville 2,676
1861       Fire destroys business block in Painesville
1861   Feb. 16   Abraham Lincoln, en route to his inauguration, makes speech from his train at the Painesville depot
1870       Census of Painesville Township 4,995*; and Village of Painesville 3,728
1880       Census of Painesville Township 5,516*; and Village of Painesville 3,841
1880   July 3   Lake County Civil War Monument dedicated by presidential candidate General James A. Garfield, of Mentor
1883   Nov. 30   Equal Rights Association, of Painesville, organized to advocate woman's suffrage
1890       Census of Painesville Township 7,558*; and Village of Painesville 4,755
1899   Oct.   Morley Library opens
1900       Census of Painesville Township 9,282*; and Village of Painesville 5,024
1900   July 21   Dedication of monument erected in honor of General Edward Paine, in Charter Oak Park
1902   Oct. 21   Village of Painesville becomes City of Painesville
1909   June 25   Lake County Court House dedicated
1910       Census of Painesville Township 9,601*; and City of Painesville 5,501
1912       Lake County Fair held at the new fairgrounds on Mentor Avenue
1920       Census of Painesville Township 14,019*; and City of Painesville 7,272
1930       Census of Painesville Township 18,673*; and City of Painesville 10,944
1940       Census of Painesville Township 20,472*; and City of Painesville 12,235
1950       Census of Painesville Township; and City of Painesville
1960       Census of Painesville Township; and City of Painesville
1967   Sep. 25   Lakeland Community College opens with 1073 students and administrative offices and classrooms in Painesville
1969   July 4   Series of severe thunderstorms begin to sweep off Lake Erie at about 8:00 PM with 120 MPH winds 
1970       Census of Painesville Township; and City of Painesville
1976   Dec. 31   Diamond Shamrock Chemical Corp. closes down operations at the Painesville Township/Fairport Harbor facilities
1978   Jan. 26  

Blizzard of '78, the "white hurricane," with winds 40-60 MPH and gusts as high as 102 MPH, and lowest recorded barometric pressure of 28.28 inches of mercury

1980       Census of Painesville Township; and City of Painesville
1986   Jan. 31   Earthquake, 5.0 on the Richter scale and lasting 15-30 seconds, shakes area at 11:47 AM
1988   June 25   Highest recorded temperature of 104 Degrees Fahrenheit at 4:37 PM
1989   Nov. 11   Lake County Jail dedicated
1990       Census of Painesville Township; and City of Painesville
1996   Nov. 6   Painesville Post Office dedicated
1997   Sep. 1   Rita C. McMahon becomes Painesville City Manager
2000       Painesville Township celebrates its Bicentennial


by Carl Thomas Engel, Reference Librarian and Local Historian.
page last updated 1 MAY 2002.