Morley Family Genealogy

Albert Morley Family, in Painesville, Ohio

STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Last updated 20 AUGUST 2014.  This genealogical and family data compiled by Carl Thomas Engel, Painesville, Ohio.  If you have any comments, additions, or corrections, please E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2nd Generation  [names in lower case]
         3rd Generation  [names in red]
             4th Generation  [names in blue]
                 5th Generation  [names in green]
                     6th Generation  [names in purple]

                         7th Generation  [names in fuchsia]


b. 20 MAR 1763, in Westfield, Massachusetts
son of Thomas Morley 1724-1795 & Sarah Phelps 1730-1779
d.  2 MAR 1813, aged 50 y., of what was then termed as cold fever,
    an epidemic prevailing in New York State that winter
bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
m. 17 MAR 1793 to
    Penelope/"Nelly" or "Nellie" W. Remington
    she b. 16 AUG 1775, in Brutus, New York
        d. 13 SEP 1863, aged 89 y., retired to rest in apparent good
            health, found dead the next morning
        bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York

    b. 3/31 DEC 1793, in Brutus, New York
    member of the Disciple Church of Painesville at the time of its
        organization in 1843
    "She was a woman of strong personality, and held very decided views of
        life. She was among the first to take a firm stand for temperance.
        Her sympathies were enlisted for the enslaved colored race, and
        many a runaway slave found refuge in her home; among others Lewis
        Clarke, the George Harris of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Lloyd Garrison and
        Frederick Douglass were welcomed guests." [Memorial to the Pioneer
        Women of the Western Reserve. Gertrude Wickham, editor. Cleveland,
        1896. p. 43]
    d. 23 MAR 1886, age 92, in Painesville [PT 8 APR 1886, p. 3]
    bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
    m. 28 MAY 1822, near Auburn, New York, to
        Isaac Gillet
        he  b. 1788/1789, in Springfield, Massachusetts
            of Huguenot ancestry, family settled in Boston
            lived in Lockport, New York; moved to Painesville in 1822
            occupation:   taught school in Auburn, New York; after 1822
                merchant in Painesville (general exchange and mercantile
                business with Simon Healy and Lewis Morley); the
                copartnership of Isaac Gillet and Lewis Morley dissolved
                [PT 21 JUN 1831, p. 3, col. 3]; new copartnership of Isaac
                Gillet and Aaron Wilcox [PT 27 MAR 1835, p. 3, col. 3];
                copartnership between Isaac Gillet and Aaron Wilcox has
                expired by limitation [PT 21 APR 1837, p. 3, col. 4]; I.
                Gillet & Co., copartnership of Isaac Gillet, E. B. Adams
                and A. I. Gillet [PT 29 APR 1846, p. 3, col. 3];
                dissolution of firm of I. Gillet & Co. [PT 5 MAY 1847,
                p. 3, col. 1]; I. & A. I. Gillet, dry goods [PT 2 JUN 1847,
                p. 3, col. 5]; dissolution of I. & A. I. Gillet [PT 25 APR
                1849, p. 3, col. 2]; manufacturing (one of the men to
                develop an iron industry from native bog ores; and
                established one of the first brass foundries in
                Painesville); farming
            member of Ohio state legislature, the House of Representatives
                during the 29th and 30th Sessions (6 DEC 1830-3 DEC 1832);
                member of Town of Painesville council 1832 and 1833; Mayor
                of Painesville 1840
            in 1842 suffered a stroke, loosing the use of one arm, and was
                never strong thereafter
            d. 10 May 1850, age 61y., in Painesville, result of a second
                stroke  [PT 15 MAY 1850, p. 3, col. 1]
    children (6 in all):
     1. Julia Eliza Gillet
        a.k.a. Juliet
        b.        1824
        d. 20 APR 1842, age 18y., 10m.,11 d.
     2. [a son]
        b.        1825
        d. Spring 1825, age 17d.
     3. Albert Isaac Gillet
        b. circa  1826
        occupation:  in business with his father under the name I. Gillet &
            Co., copartnership of Isaac Gillet, E. B. Adams and A. I.
            Gillet [PT 29 APR 1846, p. 3, col. 3]; dissolution of firm of
            I. Gillet & Co. [PT 5 MAY 1847, p. 3, col. 1]; I. & A. I.
            Gillet, dry goods [PT 2 JUN 1847, p. 3, col. 5]; dissolution of
            I. & A. I. Gillet [PT 25 APR 1849, p. 3, col. 2]; then by
            himself, operating the Buckeye Store [PT5 JUN 1850, p. 3,
            col. 3]
        elected Recorder of the Village of Painesville 1852
        during Civil War appointed paymaster on Admiral Foote's
            flagship "Benton"
        d. 5 AUG 1862, age 36 y., of yellow fever on board the hospital
            ship "Red Rover", at Helena, Arkansas
        bur. on the east bank of the Mississippi River opposite Helena,
            Arkansas; possibly brought back to Painesville for burial
            in Evergreen Cemetery
        m. 27 AUG 1851 to
            Laura A. Sexton, of Cleveland [PT 3 SEP 1851, p.3, col.2]
            she b. circa  1830
                d. 17 NOV 1861, age 31 y., of a tumor [PT]
     4. Jane Ann (Gillet) Wilkes
        b. 10 MAY 1829, in Ohio [1880 Census]
        educated at Willoughby Female Seminary and Lake Erie Female
        d.  5 MAY 1894, age 65 y., of paralysis [PT 16 MAY 1894]
        m. 22 SEP 1853, in Painesville [LCMR] to
            Frederick Wilkes
            he   b. 25 MAR 1817, in Portsmouth, England
                 son of William Wilkes (d. 16 JAN 1853, age 70 y.
                     [PT 19 JAN 1853, p. 3, col. 4]) and Elizabeth Fry
                     Wilkes (d. 17 JUL 1872, age 85 y., in Brooklyn,
                     New York [PT 25 JUL 1872])
                 grandfather and father engaged in iron business
                     conducting a hardware store in Portsmouth
                 as a youth the family lived in Portsmouth, Devonshire,
                     Hungerford in Berkshire, Faversham in Kent, and London
                 in 1827 the family came to the United States; spending a
                     year in Buffalo, four years in Monroeville, Ohio;
                     thence to Green Creek, Sandusky County, Ohio, where
                     the Wilkes operated a grist and saw mill in MAR 1832
                     left home and became a clerk for his brother-in-law,
                     John Wilkeson, who was engaged in a blast furnace
                     business at Arcole, in Madison Township, Geauga
                     County, Ohio; he was there five years returned to
                     Green Creek for one or two years in 1838 was employed
                     in a general store for four years in 1845 went into
                     partnership with John Wilkeson to erect the blast
                     furnace of Wilkeson, Wilkes and Company at
                     Lowellville, Mahoning County, Ohio, which went into
                     operation in AUG 1846; "It was a great success but a
                     financial failure, and I there lost eight years of the
                     best of my life and nearly $3,000."; the company was
                     dissolve AUG 1853
                 moved to Painesville, where his recently widowed mother
                     was living
                 after wedding journey decided to make Madison, Wisconsin,
                     their home
                 in DEC 1853 became a member of the North Western Iron
                     Company at Mayville, Wisconsin, as cashier and general
                     manager; in summer of 1864 sold his interest in the
                     company he and his wife spent the summer of 1865 in a
                     trip to England, Scotland, and Paris; and then settled
                     in Painesville in JUL 1866 became assistant cashier at
                     the First National Bank of Painesville, staying there
                     14 months; in SEP 1867 bought out Leonard Anderson's
                     half interest in the machine works of Anderson & Coe
                     and forming a partnership with Henry H. Coe calling
                     the firm Coe & Wilkes [PT 26 SEP 1867, p. 3, col. 7],
                     manufacturers of portable and stationary steam engines
                     Anderson's patent pulleys, and all kinds of saw mill
                     machinery; Coe & Wilkes to dissolve [PT 1 AUG 1900,
                     p. 3, col. 5]
                 d. 21 JAN 1901, age 83 y., in Jacksonville, Florida; he
                     left Painesville ten days before his death to spend
                     the winter in Florida for his health and caught a cold
                     en route which developed into pneumonia
                     [PT 23 JAN 1901, p. 3, col. 1]
         1. Juliet Gillet Wilkes
            b.        1859, in Mayville, Wisconsin
            d. 13 JUL 1871, age 12 y., 5 m., of consumption of the
                bowels [PT 20 JUL 1871]
         2. Frederica Louise (Wilkes) Austin
            a.k.a. Louise F. or Flora Louise
            b. 10 SEP 1860, in Mayville, Wisconsin
            graduate Painesville High School 1878
            member First Church Congregational, Painesville
            charter member Fortnightly Club, in Painesville
            member of Morley Library board of trustees
            supported the American Farm School of Solonika, Greece
                (established by John Henry House of Painesville)
            "She possessed a keen mind and a phenomenal memory for
                poems, which she loved and could quote at length."
            d.  8 MAY 1948, age 87 y., in Painesville [PT 10 May 1948,
               p. 2, col. 2]
            m. 24 NOV 1903 [LCMR] to
                William Carey Austin
                he  b. 3 JUL 1850, in Geneva, Ohio
                    in 1869 went to Conneaut, Ohio, to learn the drug
                        business; 1872-1889 had a drug store in Geneva;
                        moved to Painesville in 1889 and became manager
                        of Moodey's Pharmacy; in MAY 1905 bought the
                        business and renamed it Austin Pharmacy
                    member of First Baptist Church
                    d. 16 FEB 1906 [PT 16 FEB 1906, p. 1, col. 6]
                    1st m. 4 AUG 1873, in Geneva, to
                        Flora Angell
                        she b.        1855, in Plainfield, New Jersey
                            dau. of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Angell, of Geneva
                            member of First Baptist Church
                            d. 11 MAY 1902, in Painesville [PT 15 MAY 1902,
                                p. 3, col. 3]
                        children from 1st marriage:
                         1. George Sanford Austin
                            of Painesville
                            operated Austin Pharmacy
                            d. 11 FEB 1932, age 32 y. [PT 13 FEB 1932,
                                p. 1, col.]
                            m. to Elizabeth L.
                                she b.
                                    of Montclair, New Jersey [1949?]
                                    d. 26 NOV 1949 [PT 28 NOV 1949, p. 2]
            no children
         3. Mary Elizabeth Wilkes
            b.        1867, in Ohio [1880 Census]
            d. 30 NOV 1890, age 23 y. [PT 3 DEC 1890, p. 3, col. ]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
     5. Mary (Gillet) Child
        b.  4 JUL 1831, in Ohio [1880 Census]
        educated at Willoughby Female Seminary and Steubenville
           (Female?) Seminary
        member of St. James Episcopal Church
        d. 27 APR 1908, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Knox, in
            Cleveland, of uremia [PT 28 APR 1908, p. 8, col. 1;
            30 APR 1908, p. 4, col. 3; 1 May 1908, p. 2, col. 5]
        m. 11 DEC 1851 [LCMR] to
            Carlos Oscar Child
            he  b. 5 NOV 1827, in Higganum, Connecticut
                son of Hezekiah and Concurrence S. (Wilcox) Child
                of Welsh ancestry, family settled in New England in 1645
                his father and grandfather were shipbuilders
                attended Brainerd's Academy, Haddam, Connecticut
                came to Painesville in 1846
                occupation:  clerk in hardware store of Aaron Wilcox, his
                    uncle went to Mayville, Dodge County, Wisconsin, to
                    engage in the furnace business of Northwestern Iron
                    Company, with C. L. Boalt and Frederick Wilkes; in 1866
                    returned to Painesville establishing a hardware store;
                    in 1880 became interested in the Painesville National
                    Bank, and served as director, vice president, or
                    president over the years
                member St. James Episcopal Church, where he served for many
                    years as vestryman
                politically Republican
                served on Board of Trustees of Lake Erie Female Seminary
                    (which was located on the property immediately west of
                    the Child home), now Lake Erie College
                trustee of Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
                member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows
                "quiet, unselfish, unostentatious life... devoted to
                    his family, loyal to his friends and sympathetic
                    with the needs of humanity."
                d. 7 JUL 1904, age 76 y., at home in Painesville of
                    senile dementia [PT 14 JUL 1904, p. 3, col. 2]
         1. Albert Gillet Child
            b.  3 AUG 1855
            d. 20 OCT 1871, age 16 y., of tetanus after fall from
                chestnut back of the family home [PT 26 OCT 1871]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
         2. Agnes Julia (Child) Knox
            b. 16 MAR 1860, in Mayville, Wisconsin
            graduate Painesville High School 1877
            took courses in instruction of art in Boston and San Francisco
            after marriage 1st lived in Toronto; then Chicago; but most
                of married life was spent in Cleveland/Painesville area
            charter member of the Fortnightly Club, in Painesville
            member of 19th Century Club, Cleveland
            member of Moses Cleaveland Branch of the Daughters of the
                America Revolution
            "...was of a remarkably retiring and reserved disposition,
                but to her friends was known as of a very strong
                character and forceful personality. She was especially
                self-effacing but to her intimates she was known as one
                singularly unselfish and devoted."
            d. 31 JAN 1923, in Painesville [PT 1 FEB 1923, p. 1, col. 4]
            m. 30 JUL 1891, in Painesville [LCMR] to
                Wilm Knox
                he  b. 20 JAN 1858, in Scotland
                    son of Thomas and Margaret (Neilson) Knox
                    occupation:  received training as architect at firm of
                        Moffett & Aiken, in Edinburgh; went to Chicago,
                        entered the firm of Burnham and Root; and there
                        became acquainted with J. H. Elliott; Knox and
                        Elliott formed a partnership and opened offices in
                        Toronto; after several years returned to Chicago
                        and assisted Henry Iver Cobb on buildings for the
                        World's Columbian Exposition; Knox and Elliott then
                        set up practice in Cleveland
                    architect of Morley Library, Painesville
                    member of Rowfant Club and Amateur Etching Club in
                    d. 12 OCT 1915, in Cleveland
             1. CARLOS CHILD KNOX
                b. 19 SEP 1892, in Chicago, Illinois
                graduate Painesville High School 1910; Case School of
                    Applied Science, Cleveland, in 1914; engineering
                    degree from Cornell University
                veteran of World War II
                d. 30 JAN 1976, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, age 84 y.
                    [PT 18 FEB 1976]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
                b.  2 JAN 1895, in Painesville, Ohio
                d. 28 DEC 1978, in Toronto, Ontario
                bur. St. John's Anglican Church cemetery, York Mills,
                m. to T. F. McIlwraith
                 1. Mary Agnes (McIlwraith) Brian
                 2. Margaret Knox (McIlwraith) Matheson
                 3. Thomas Forsyth McIlwraith
                    resident of Mississauga, Ontario
                    m. to Duane Catherine Bell
                a.k.a. M. Neilson Knox
                b.        1901
                attended Laurel School in Cleveland; Wells College;
                    Cleveland Institute of Art; studied arts and crafts
                    at Trudeau Sanatorium, Saranac Lake, New York
                lived with her brother in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
                d. 19 MAR 1964, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
                    [PT 25 MAR 1964, p. 2, col. 2]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
         3. William Addison Child
            b. 23 JUL 1862, in Mayville, Wisconsin
            graduate Painesville High School 1879; attended Kenyon
                College, Gambier, Ohio, 1879-1883
            moved to Hamilton, Ontario, in 1883
            occupation:  associated with Ontario Rolling Mill Company,
                Hamilton Steel and Iron Company, and Steel Company of
            studied history and ethnology and was a fellow of the
                 Royal Anthropological Institute of England
            member of the Anglican church
            member of Barton Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons
            member of the board of Hamilton Public Library
            member of Hamilton Health Association
            member of Hamilton Scientific Association
            d. 15 OCT 1935, in Hamilton, Ontario [PT 25 OCT 1935,
                p. 12, col. 1]
            m. 14 JUN 1892, in Hamilton, Ontario, by Rev. E. M. Bland
                [PT 22 JUN 1892] to
                Elizabeth Helen Harvey, of Hamilton, Ontario
             1. HELEN MARY CHILD
                b.        1893
                d.        1912
                bur. Hamilton city cemetery, Hamilton, Ontario
             2. PHILIP ALBERT CHILD
                b.        1898
                of Cambridge, Massachusetts [1935]
                d.    FEB 1978, in Toronto, Ontario
                m. circa  1925 to
                    Gertrude Potts
     6. Agnes (Gillet) Boalt
        b.        1836, in Ohio
        educated Miss Hall's School, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
        in 1880 lived with her mother at the family home on Washington
            Street in Painesville [1880 Census]
        d.   DEC 1904, age 68 y., in Painesville, of exhaustion
                [PT 15 DEC 1904, p. 2, col. 5]
        bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
        m. 20 AUG 1857, in Painesville by Rev. Phelps [LCMR;
            PT 20 AUG 1857] to
            Charles G. Boalt, of Mayfield [Mayville?], Wisconsin
            he  b. circa  1835, in Ohio [1880 Census]
                occupation Commission House [1880 Census]
                d.    NOV 1897
                bur. Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland [PT 1 DEC 1897,
                    p. 3, col. 2]    
         1. Elizabeth Griswold Boalt
            a.k.a. "Bessie"
            b.        1862, in Wisconsin [1880 Census]
            d. 16 MAY 1936, in Los Angeles [PT 18 MAY 1936, p. 1, col. 7;
                    21 MAY 1936, p. 1, col. 6; 25 MAY 1936, p. 1;
                    28 MAY 1936, p. 2]
            fun. 18 MAY 1936 in Los Angeles; cremated
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
            never married
         2. Charles G. Boalt
            b. circa  1865, in Wisconsin [1880 Census]
            graduate Painesville High School
            d. 30 MAY 1934, in Cincinnati [PT 31 MAY 1934, p. 1,col. 7]
            m. to Blanche Boone, of Painesville
                d.    JUN 1901, in Cincinnati [PT 26 JUN 1901,p. 1,col. 4]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
             2. AGNES BOALT
             3. EDWARD BOALT
         3. Agnes Boalt

            b. 27 OCT 1867, in Wisconsin
            graduate Painesville High School 1885
            d. 26 APR 1889, age 21 y., 6 m., of pneumonia
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville

    b. 21 OCT 1797, in Brutus, Cayuga County, New York
    came to Painesville, Ohio, in JUL 1837
    occupation:  merchant  PT 28 OCT 1838, p. 3, col. 2: Ohio Cash Store,
        A. & W. Morley [Albert and Walter Morley] PT 26 OCT 1842, p. 2,
        col. 5: A. Morley & Son--their new store is not yet finished
        PT 30 NOV 1842, p. 3, col. 2: Removed.  A. Morley & Son have
        removed to their new store one door west of their old stand
        PT 1 NOV 1843, p. 3, col. 5: New Arrangement--J. H. Morley having
        purchased the entire stock of goods of the firm of A. Morley & Son,
        and having associated himself with J. R. Morley, under the firm of
        J. H. Morley & Co.
    d. 12 JUL 1883, in Painesville [LCCI; PT 19 JUL 1883, p. 3, col. 5]
    bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville

Painesville Telegraph, 19 July 1883, p. 3, col. 5:


   Died at his residence Thursday, July 12th, Albert Morley, in the 86th year of his age.

   Perhaps no town in this country can boast of a stronger and more sterling class of men than that which included the early settlers of Painesville; men of marked individuality and strong mental force, and as they disappear from our midst one by one, we cannot banish from our mind the thought that soon we shall be called upon to lay the last one in his final resting place. Albert Morley was pre-eminently one of this class. He was born in Brutus, Cayuga county, New York, October 21st, 1797. He was married to Esther Healy, of Charlestown, New Hampshire, in 1818, sixty-five years ago. In 1837 he came with his wife to Painesville, where he has since lived, occupying for the period of forty-five years the old homestead in which he died. Of ten children born to them five still remain, and the grand-children now number thirty-nine. Children and grand children forty-five in all.

   Mr. Morley's relation to this large family reminded one strongly of the old patriarchal form of government, for from the old home an influence always emanated strong enough to keep the interests and aims of this large family, scattered in different States, closely united, and caused the old head of the house to be consulted and deferred to in all business matters until the day of his death.

   Such rugged and sterling qualities brought him as might be expected success in life both in its literal and widest sense, and the many loving hearts of which he and his wife were the centre, attest that he used his success wisely. As he was practical in business concerns so he was also in his religion. Religion to him was living, not believing.  His life and death could be summed up as a literal and truthful response to the following precept:

"So live, that when they summons comes to join
The innumerable caravan, which moves
To that mysterious realm, where each shall take
His chamber in the silent halls of death,
Thou go not, like the quarry slave at night,
Scourged to his dungeon, but sustained and soothed
By an unfaltering trust, approach they grave,
Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch
About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."

    m. 29 JAN 1818 to
        Esther Healy
        she b. 14 FEB 1798, in Charlestown, New Hampshire
            dau. of Jesse Healy
            d. 22 APR 1889, in Painesville  [LCCI;
                PT 2 MAY 1889, p. 3, col. 6]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville

Painesville Telegraph, 2 May 1889, p. 3, col. 1:

The Death of Esther Healy Morley.

   The experiences that come within the period allotted to human life are in general so constant and unvarying in their nature that regarding them, sages, poets and painters, past and present, whatever their races or tongue or their mode of expressing it, substantially tell the same story. First comes passionate, impulsive youth, inspired by unattainable desires and encouraged by illusory hopes, regardful only of the future. Next comes middle age--the enchantments of youth rapidly disappearing, but too busily engaged in battling the stern realities of life to be mindful of much else than the present. Then comes old age--disenchanted at last, it humbly accepts defeat, and sitting down to rest during the few brief moments allowed it, sadly looks back upon the crushing sorrows and the blighted hopes that like wrecks lie strewn along the traveled path.

   So truly typical of human life is this as a whole, that any departure from this established course by individual life immediately arrests our attention and makes us curious to know the cause. To the many acquaintances of Mrs. Morley whom a residence of fifty-two years among them had endeared to her, it is unnecessary to say that though not escaping some of the physical infirmities naturally belonging to old age, yet that her life as a whole was an exceptional one. Ninety-one years of an active, eventful life, with its due proportion of afflictions and sorrows, found her with a mind still undimmed, faculties alert, and with an undiminished interest in her relatives, neighbors, the people at large and with all of the vital questions of the present generation. Even when she had reached that extreme point in the voyage of life where the green and sunny banks of youth had given place to the bleak and desolate cliffs of advanced old age, and the beating of the surf of that dark and illimitable ocean was borne to her ears, the dying glow of youthful enthusiasm lingered over her face until she vanished in its enfolding darkness.

   To say that this came solely from her religious trust, which was strong indeed, would hardly be true, for it would be presumptuous to say that it was stronger than that of her fellow Christians, but let us rather attribute these exceptional features to that best gift of Heaven, the power of coming into close sympathetic relations with every human creature, a power that ignored or vaulted over all barriers of color, creed or nationality; a sympathy that supported by a strong, practical, sanguine nature, gave courage to the timid, hope to the despondent and strength to the weak.

   In her latter years she harvested what she had sown. This undiminished sympathy, this entering into the lives of others, brought from those of middle and advanced age the companionship that she valued so highly, and from the young there were reflected back to her the sweetness and enthusiasm of youth that made, so to speak, her life's spring perennial.

   Esther Healy Morley was born in Charlestown, New Hampshire, Feb. 14, 1798. She was married to Albert Morley Jan. 29, 1818, and died April 22, 1889. She came with her husband from Brockport, New York, to Painesville in the summer of 1837, where she lived until the time of her death, occupying the present homestead for fifty years of this period. She was the mother of ten children, eight sons and two daughters.  Five sons survive her death--J. H. Morley and C. H. Morley of Cleveland, J. R. Morley of Painesville, and G. W. and E. W. Morley of East Saginaw, Michigan, all of whom were present at the funeral ceremonies, and together with the oldest grandson, Thomas H. Marshall, of Chicago, bore the remains of the loved mother and grandmother to their last resting place in Evergreen Cemetery.

     1. Esther Philena (Morley) Marshall
        b. 18 DEC 1818
        d. 12 AUG 1863, age 45y., in Painesville [LCCI;
            PT 20 AUG 1863, p. 3, col. 1]
        bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
        m. 26 MAY 1842 [LCMR] to
            Seth Marshall
            he  b.  3 SEP 1815, in Colebrook, Connecticut
                son of Seth Marshall and Susanna (Frisbie) Marshall,
                    m. 10 JUN 1802
                    he  b.  2 DEC 1775
                        resident of Colebrook, Connecticut, before
                            removing to Painesville in 1835
                        d. 11 OCT 1841 [PT 13 OCT 1841, p. 2]
                    she b. 10 MAR 1783, in Farmington, Connecticut
                        d. 11 NOV 1878 [PT 14 NOV 1878, p. 3;
                            PT 21 NOV 1878, p. 3]
                    they had 9 children
                came to Painesville in 1836
                d. 17 MAR 1881, in San Bernardino, California [LCCI]
            he 2nd m. 20 SEP 1864, by Rev. N. P. Bailey [LCMR; PT] to
                     Catherine (Tracy) Morley
                     she b. 11 NOV 1824, in Painesville
                         d.  4 JUN 1897, age 72y., in Painesville
                            [PT 9 JUN 1897, p. 3]
         1. Juliet Gillet (Marshall) Smith
            a.k.a "Kitty"
            b. 12 APR 1843, in Painesville
            alumnae of Lake Erie Female Seminary
            CENSUS 1880, family located in Placerville, El Dorado
                County, California
            d.  8 JUL 1928, from a heart attack, at her home, "Stone
                Cottage" in New Hope, Pennsylvania
                [PT 9 JUL 1928, p. 1, col. 5]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
            m. 23 SEP 1868 [LCMR] to
                Edward A. Smith
                he  occupation civil engineer  [1880 CENSUS]
                    d. before 1928
             1. Flora McDonald Smith
                b.        1870
                d. 20 JUN 1875  [PT 24 JAN 1875]
             2. Juliet Marshall Smith
                b. 17 DEC 1872 [LCCI], in Ohio  [1880 CENSUS]
                of New Hope, Pennsylvania  [1928]
                d.  6 FEB 1947 [LCCI]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville  [Sexton Records]
             3. Edith Morley Smith
                b. 23 MAR 1877 [LCCI], in California  [1880 CENSUS]
                of New Hope, Pennsylvania  [1928]
                d. 14 DEC 1945 [LCCI]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville  [Sexton Records]
             4. Marie M. (Smith) Ralston
                b. circa  1879, in California  [1880 CENSUS]
                of New Hope, Pennsylvania  [1928]
                d. 17 JUN 1949
                m. to Joseph Courtenay Ralston
         2. Thomas Healy Marshall
            b. 13 NOV 1845
            d. 16 DEC 1917, in Painesville [PT 18 DEC 1917, p. 1]
            m. to Margaret Louise Davies, of Davenport, Iowa
                she b. circa  1850
                     d. 17 JAN 1941, age 91y. [PT 17 JAN 1941, p. 1]
             1. Robert Davies Marshall
                 b. 27 APR 1884
                 d. 25 JAN 1963
                 m. to Lee Kruse
         3. Mary Woolly Marshall
            a.k.a. "Minnie"
            b. 21 APR 1848
            d. 21 SEP 1851, age 3y., 5m., of dropsy of the brain [LCCI]
         4. Seth Marshall, Junior
            b. 25 APR 1850
            d. 26 MAR 1929
            1st m. to Marie Boyle
            2nd m. to Nancy Griffin
         5. Albert Morley Marshall
            b. 25 DEC 1851, in Painesville, Ohio
            at age 16 years went to Saginaw, Michigan, to work for Morley
                Brothers hardware and eventual became vice-president and
                general manager; president of U. S. Graphite Company and
                Lufkin Rule Company; founder of Marshall-Wells Hardware
                Company, Duluth, Minnesota, one of the largest wholesale
                hardware businesses in the world; considered as one of the
                leading figures in the business and financial circles at
            d. 12 FEB 1926, in Duluth, Minnesota [PT 15 FEB 1926, p. 1,
                col. 7; PT 22 FEB 1926, p. 1, col. 2]
            1st m. to Jessie Craig Smith, of Saginaw, Michigan
            children of 1st marriage:
             1. Seth Marshall
                b. 31 AUG 1881
2. Jessica Smith (Marshall) Spencer
                b. 15 JAN 1886
                m. to George H. Spencer
            2nd m. to Julia A. Newell, of Rochester
                 she b.        1865
                     d.        1940
            children of 2nd marriage:
             3. Caroline Marshall
                b. 30 OCT 1891
             4. Julia Marshall
                b.  5 JAN 1895
5. Albert Morley Marshall, Jr.
                b. 15 NOV 1901
         6. Emma Caroline (Marshall) Kelley Wood
            a.k.a. "Carrie"
            b.  8 MAY 1853
            d.        1925
            1st m. to Walter J. Kelley
                 he  b.        1852
                     d. 30 SEP 1884, in Chicago [PT 9 OCT 1884, p. 3]
             1. Abbie Chase Kelley
             2. Maud Marshall (Kelley) Warner
                m. to George C. Warner
            2nd m. George Ellery Wood, of Chicago
         7. Charles Edward Marshall
            b. 17 MAY 1856
            d. 26 JAN 1864, age 7y., 8m. [LCCI; PT 28 JAN 1864]
         8. George Morley Marshall
            b. 13 MAR 1858
            occupation: doctor
            d.    JAN 1935, age 76y., in Philadelphia
                    [PT 14 JAN 1935, p. 1]
            m. to Harriet P. Ely, of Elyria, Ohio
                she d.  2 JUN 1942, in New Hope, Pennsylvania
                        [PT 3 JUN 1942, p. 2]
             1. George Morley Marshall, Jr.
                d.  7 MAR 1895, infant, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                    [PT 13 MAR 1895, p. 3, col. 7]
             2. Philena (Marshall) Kent
                b.        1895
                m. to Stephen Girard Kent
             3. Harriet Ely (Marshall) Kentworth
                b.        1896
                m. to Robert Seabury Kent
             4. Margaret Ely (Marshall) Shawbridge
                b.        1898
                m. to Welsh Shawbridge
             5. Celia Beldein (Marshall) Alexander Miller
                1st m. to Robert Alexander
                2nd m. to Darrah Miller
             6. Thomas Marshall
                m. to Mary Haven Miller
     2. Jesse Healy Morley
        b. 15 MAY 1820
        came to Painesville in 1832
        of Cleveland, Ohio 1847-1903
        occupation: in business with his father, circa 1841 [PT 26 OCT
            1842, p. 2, col. 5:  A. Morley & Son... their new store is not
            yet finished.  PT 1 NOV 1843, p. 3, col. 5:  New Arrangement.
            J. H. Morley having purchased the entire stock of goods of the
            firm of A. Morley & Son, and having associated himself with J.
            R. (John Rufus) Morley, under the firm of J. H. Morley & Co.
            (advertisement dated 18 OCT 1843).  PT 7 APR 1847, p. 3,
            col. 4:  J. H. Morley & Co.... having disposed of their entire
            stock of goods, and closed business in this place.  PT 5 MAY
            1847,  p. 3, col. 2:   Removal. The subscribers have removed
            their stock of hardware to the brick store formerly occupied
            by J. H. Morley & Co.... signed: S. Marshall & Co. of the
            J. H. Morley Lead Company, of Cleveland, Ohio]; director of
            Cleveland Gas Light & Coke Company 1852-1903, president for
            13 years and vice president after
        d. 20 JUN 1903, in Cleveland [PT 25 JUN 1903, p. 3, col. 3]
        bur. Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland

Painesville Telegraph, 25 June 1903, p. 3, col. 3:

DEATH OF J. H. Morley

Donor of Painesville Public Library Building Died in Cleveland Sunday Morning.

   Jesse Healy Morley, who presented to Painesville its fine public library, died at his home, No. 728 Prospect street [Cleveland], early Sunday morning.

   Mr. Morley had been feeling unwell for a week or more, but his condition was not such as to excite alarm. Saturday he was able to be out of doors, and that night he retired feeling no worse than for some days past. Before morning he was taken seriously ill and at 3 o'clock Sunday morning he passed away. Death was due to heart failure. He was eighty-three years of age.

   The parents of the deceased were Esther Healy and Albert Morley and he was born in Brutus, N. Y. In 1832 he came to Painesville, where for some time he was employed in the store of his uncle, Lewis Morley. He became a partner in the firm of A. & W. Morley in 1838, the firm name being changed in 1841 to A. Morley & Son.

   It was in 1847 that he went to Cleveland. Soon after his arrival he entered into partnership with H. K. Reynolds under the firm name of Morley & Reynolds. The new firm took over the hardware stock and business of J. F. Kirtland and Mr. Morley retained his interest in the firm until 1856, when he sold out to his partner. In 1862 the firm of Morley & Cary with Jesse Healy Morley and John and George Cary as partners was formed. The firm manufactured corroded lead by what is known as the "quick process."

   Three years later a new firm was formed by J. H. Morley and T. S. Beckwith under the title of J. H. Morley & Co. This firm did an extensive business in the manufacture of white lead by the old Dutch process and continued in business until 1887 when it became the J. H. Morley & Co. branch of the National Lead Co.

   The deceased was one of the pioneer members of the Cleveland Gas Light & Coke Co., and from 1882 to 1895 was president of the company, after which time he became vice president, a position which he held to the time of his death.

   Mr. Morley was prominently identified with numerous other business enterprises of Cleveland. He was vice president of the First National bank and was also largely interested in the Kelly Island Lime and Transport Co. He was one of the earliest members of the Union club and continued his connection with that organization to the time of his death. For many years he was president of the board of trustees of the Second Presbyterian church of which he was an active and earnest member.

   For years Mr. Morley had been recognized as one of the ablest business men of the city. He belonged to the old school and was noted for the clearness of his foresight and the conservativeness of his judgment.  From small beginnings he had built up an extensive business by the most legitimate of methods and his opinion was much sought after by business men throughout the city. Assistance he was always ready to give and it was said of him that he did as much for others as for himself. Absolute integrity, a pleasant personality and the willingness always to help others made him not only respected but held in the highest regard by his business associates and friends.

   In 1858 Mr. Morley was married to Helen Marshall Rockwell who with two children, Mrs. Mitchell Kennerly, of New York, and Charles Rockwell Morley, of Cleveland, survive him.

   Mr. Morley earned the gratitude of the people of Painesville by his donation of the fine library building which bears his name. Mr. Morley's reason and the purpose for giving the building were full explained in his address at its dedication. This address also contained many reminiscences of Mr. Morley's early life which are of much interest. he said in part:

   "Friends and Citizens of Painesville;
   "No doubt many of you wonder why I, a citizen of Cleveland, manifest as much interest in your city as this occasion proves. Most of my youth and early manhood was lived here. The mortal remains of my father and mother lie in the cemetery across the river; many graves there mark the resting places of members of our family.
   "In 1823 our family first settled in the village of Painesville. I, a lad, came to the village in the fall of 1832, the other members of my father's family came to Painesville a few years later. Our family was made up of seven boys and two girls. Here the boys received their business education. Change is nature's law. One of my age and early environments appreciates how great the changes has been in Painesville, from 1832 to the present time.
   "About sixty-five years ago in a small brick school house built on the lot where this library building now stands, I received instruction from Josephus Huntington, the village schoolmaster, who kept, I think, the only school in the village at the time. In the early thirties, an academy building was erected on the lot where the old high school building now stands. I attended school at the academy when it was kept by Mr. and Mrs. Saunders (Mrs. Saunders was a sister of the mother of Senator Mark Hanna, who is so prominent in the public eye today).
   "The business of the village at the time was largely confined to State street. I helped to set out the trees on your public square. the street then ran through the square. Many people were in favor of having the street on one side so as to enlarge the square, so one night C. D. Adams and myself fenced off the direct road; this made a stir in the village, but thereafter the road around the square remained as at present. On Liberty street, near the public square, was placed the Methodist meeting house and town hall combined. The Methodist were then primitive in dress and manners; the garb of the leading Methodists was almost Quaker-like in its plainness. In the meeting house the males   sat on common unpainted benches with backs, on one side of the main aisle and the females sat on the other side of the aisle. No objections was raised by parents of other denominations to their daughters going to a Methodist meeting. After the meeting the young men lined up on the outside of the meeting house, and each young man picked out his girl as she came along. It is needless to say that those Sunday evening meetings were very popular with the young people.
   "All village elections were held in this house, as were important trials before the justice of the peace.
   "I was present at the trial of Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, and some of his people. The trial took place in the town house. The lawyers of he prosecution managed to get from some of the witnesses the history of he finding of the gold plates from which the prophet Smith claimed he translated the Mormon bible.
   "For a number of years after leaving Painesville for Cleveland in 1847, I retained business interest in Painesville, and until the death of my parents, made frequent visits to your city, and kept in touch with your life and growth. I have always been interested in whatever concerned the welfare of your city. The members of our family have a strong personal regard and affection for Painesville.
   "This library building is erected in the memory of my parents and I feel that no act of mine would be more pleasing to them than to contribute to the education and culture of your people."

   The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Paul E. Sutphen will officiate.

EDITORIAL, from the Evening Telegraph of 22 June 1903:

The people of Painesville have good reason to sincerely mourn the death of J. H. Morley. The donor of our public library had many friends here who respected and loved him for his qualities as a man of honor and kindly deeds, There are many others, however, who never met Mr. Morley in person, but who will deeply regret to hear of his death. These are from the large number who seek recreation and instruction from the fine storehouse of knowledge that Mr. Morley so kindly and thoughtfully donated to the city. Mr. Morley recently said that it was one of the pleasant memories of his life that he could think that he was able to contribute to the education and culture of Painesville. The fact that he had done something for the place where he once lived was undoubtedly a source of much satisfaction and contentment to him in his last days.

Is there not a suggestion in this to others?

        1st m. 20 JUN 1843 [LCMR] to
            Elizabeth W. Mygatt
            she b.
                 dau. of George Mygatt     -1885 [PT 16 APR 1885, p. 3]
                 d. 27 JUL 1844
        no children from 1st marriage
        2nd m. 15 SEP 1850 to
            Maria Beckwith
            she b.
                d.   4 SEP 1856, age 30y., at Little Mountain House,
                    Lake County, Ohio [PT 10 SEP 1856, p. 3, col. ]
        children from 2nd marriage:
         1. Cornelia Beckwith (Morley) Hulett
            b. circa  1852
            d.  4 MAR 1881, age 29 y., in Cleveland [PT 1881 No. 12]
            m.  7 NOV 1878 to
                Edward M. Hulett
         2. Frederick Healy Morley
            b.        1853, in Cleveland
            of Cleveland, Ohio (1883); Colorado Springs, Colorado 1888-1901
            occupation: partner with father in J. H. Morley & Co.; member
                of Gatling Gun Battery; manager of National Lead Company
                when it was formed; president of First National Bank of
                Colorado Springs; president of Lily gold mine; vice
                president of Isabella gold mine; principal in Shields,
                Morley & Co. wholesale grocery business
            d.  3 NOV 1901, age 48y., in Philadelphia, of bright's disease
                [PT 6 NOV 1901, p. 3, col. ]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs
            m.  2 NOV 1875, in Painesville, Ohio, by Rev. J. A. Daly,
                [LCMR; PT] to
                Helen Tolles Hitchcock, of Painesville, Ohio
             1. Frederick Hitchcock Morley
                graduate of Yale University and Columbia College
                m. to Octavia Wheaton
                divorced 22 FEB 1912
        3rd m. 15 APR 1858, in Painesville, Ohio, by Rev. N. P. Bailey
            [LCMR; PT] to
            Helen Maria Rockwell, of Painesville, Ohio
            she b. circa  1834
                dau. of Timothy Rockwell     -1881, and Helen M. Rockwell
                    1802-1903 [PT 23 JUL 1903, p. 3]
                d.  5 MAR 1923, aged 89 y., in Pasadena, California
        children from 3rd marriage:
         3. Jessie Healy (Morley) Hayes
            b.        1863, in Cleveland
            d. 16 MAR 1887, in Cleveland [PT 24 MAR 1887, p. 3;
                CPD 18 MAR 1887]
            m. 30 APR 1884, in Cleveland, by Rev. C. S. Pomeroy, of the
                Second Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, to
                Harry E. Hayes
                he   son of W. J. and Sarah (Burwell) Hayes
                    occupation:   banking firm of W. J. Hayes & Sons,
1. [name unknown]
                b. 17 MAR 1886
                d. 22 MAR 1886, unable to nourish
2. [name unknown]
                d.    MAR 1887, stillborn
         4. Charles Rockwell Morley
            b. 14 APR 1864, in Cleveland, Ohio
            of Cleveland, Ohio
            occupation:   identified with numerous corporations and
                enterprises; built the Stark Electric and Cleveland,
                Alliance & Mahoning Valley Railroads; extensive interest
                in Cleveland real estate, including the Hippodrome Building
            was a trustee of Lake Erie College
            with his cousins, Miss Julia P. Morley and Mrs. C. S. Wilcox,
                established the Morley Trust for the support of the
                Morley Library in Painesville
            d. 11 DEC 1952, age 89 y., in Pasadena, California
                [PT 13 DEC 1952, p. 1, col. 4]
            bur. Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland
            m. to Hedwig Hotopf
                she b.  circa 1865
                    taught at Miss Mittleberger's School for Girls,
                    d.  9 JUN 1955, in Pasadena, California
                        [PT 6 AUG 1955, p. 1, col. 6; CPLNF]
            no children
         5. Helen Rockwell (Morley) Kennerly
            of Cleveland, Ohio (1883; 1901)
            d. 21 DEC 1962
            m. 10 OCT 1901, in Cleveland, by Rev. Paul F. Sutphen [PT] to
                Mitchell Kennerly
                he  b.
                    of New York (1901)
             1. Jesse Healy Kennerly
             2. Mitchell Kennerly
             3. Morley Kennerly
         6. Rockwell Marshall Morley
            b.        1869
            of Cleveland (1883)
            occupation:   Cleveland manager of the National Lead Company
            d. 20 DEC 1897, in Cleveland, of pneumonia and typhoid fever
                [PT 22 DEC 1897, p. 3]
     3. Albert Nixon Morley
        b. 31 MAR 1822
        d. 15 APR 1823
     4. Thomas Hiram Morley
        b.  6 FEB 1824
        late of Davenport, Iowa (1863)
        d. 20 MAY 1863, in Painesville [LCCI; PT 28 MAY 1863]
        m. 12 JUN 1847 [LCMR] to
            Catherine Tubine Tracy
            she b. 11 NOV 1824, in Painesville
                dau. of Jabez A. Tracy 1798-1860 [PT 6 DEC 1860]
                d.   4 JUN 1897, age 72y., in Painesville [LCCI;
                    PT 9 JUN 1897, p. 3]
            she 2nd m. 20 SEP 1864, by Rev. N. P. Bailey [LCMR; PT] to
                    Seth Marshall [PT 24 MAR 1881, p. 3]
                        he  b.        1815
                            d.        1881
        children (4 in all):
         1. Albert Tracy Morley
            b. 28 MAR 1848
            d.  9 FEB 1914 [LCCI]
         2. Thomas Healy Morley
            b.    OCT 1849
            d. 13 AUG 1860, age 10y., 10m., in Davenport, Iowa [LCCI;
                PT 23 AUG 1860]
         3. Katherine Tracy (Morley) Warren
            a.k.a. "Kate"
            b. 13 AUG 1851
            d. 17 NOV 1921, in Painesville [LCCI; PT 17 NOV 1921, p. 1]
            m. to Henry Arthur Warren
             1. Katherine Warren
                ?m. Albert King of Tacoma, Washington
             2. May M. Warren
                d.  9 FEB 1958, in Cleveland [PT 12 FEB 1958, p. 4]
             3. Thomas Morley Warren
                of Saginaw, Michigan
             4. Henry Arthur Warren, Junior
                b. 10 APR 1877
                d. 11 FEB 1894 [LCCI; PT 14 FEB 1894, p. 3;
                        PT 21 FEB 1894, p. 3]
         4. Mary Clark Morley
            b.    NOV 1853
            d. 15 AUG 1860, age 6y., 9m., in Davenport, Iowa [LCCI;
                PT 23 AUG 1860]
     5. Albert Lewis Morley
        b.  9 AUG 1826, in Brutus, New York
        d. 27 NOV 1855, in Warren, Ohio, of lung hemorrhage
            [PT 28 NOV 1855, p. 3, col. 2; PT 5 DEC 1855, p. 3, col. 2]
        bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Warren
        m.  9 JUL 1851 [TCMR] to
            Olive S. Freeman
            she b. 25 OCT 1825, in Warren, Ohio
                dau. of Judge Francis Freeman 1779-1855 and Lyndia
                    (Leavitt) Freeman 1785-1867
                d. 12 FEB 1866, in Warren
                bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Warren
         1. Charles H. Morley
            d. 29 AUG 1852
            bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Warren
         2. Albert Freeman Morley
            d. 29 APR 1856
            bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Warren
     6. John Rufus Morley
        b. 10 MAR 1829, in Weedsport, New York
        came to Painesville with his parents; of Hannibal, Missouri,
            1858-1862; of Davenport, Iowa; of Fort Scott, Kansas, 1862-
            1882; of Painesville, Ohio 1882-1895; of Saginaw, Michigan,
        occupation:  banking and other interests
        a strong anti-slavery man; a regular contributor to William Lloyd
            Garrison's "Liberator"
        d. 14 FEB 1912, in Saginaw, Michigan, of pneumonia
            [PT 21 FEB 1912, p. 1]
        m. 14 SEP 1853 to
            Catherine Bidwell McVay
            she b. 20 APR 1830, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
                d. 19 OCT 1912, in Saginaw, Michigan [PT 19 OCT 1912, p. 1]
         1. John McVay Morley
            b. 16 JUN 1854
            of Saginaw, Michigan (1912; 1937)
            d. 22 AUG 1945
            m.        1881 to
                Carrie Gaylord
         2. Albert Healy Morley
            b.  2 APR 1856
            of Saginaw, Michigan (1912; 1935)
            occupation:  vice president of the Second National Bank,
                Saginaw, Michigan (1912)
            d. 29 JAN 1937
            m. to Anna McDonald
         3. George Bidwell Morley
            b. 16 OCT 1857, in Painesville, Ohio
            family moved to Fort Scott, Kansas, when he was a child
            of Saginaw, Michigan, 1876-1935
            occupation:  of the Second National Bank, Saginaw, Michigan,
            d. 20 DEC 1935, in Saginaw, Michigan, of pulmonary embolism
                [PT 21 DEC 1935, p. 1]
            m. 27 APR 1881 to
                Lulu Avery, of Saginaw, Michigan
                she b.  1 MAR 1857, in Port Huron, Michigan
                    d. 26 SEP 1934, in Saginaw, Michigan
            no children
         4. James Bostwick Morley
            b. 27 FEB 1861
            d. 19 MAR 1862
         5. Mary A. (Morley) Sellers
            b. 10 JUN 1870
            of Chicago, Illinois (1912); of Pasadena, California (1937)
            d. 18 JUL 1940, in Pasadena [PT 20 JULY 1940, p. 1]
            m. to Frank H. Sellers
         6. Emma Caroline (Morley) Crapo
            b.  6 JAN 1872
            of Painesville before her marriage in 1894; of Detroit,
                Michigan (1912; 1935)
            d. 27 NOV 1937, in Detroit [PT 29 NOV 1937, p. 1]
            bur. New Bedford, Massachusetts
            m. 10 OCT 1894, in Painesville, to
                Sanford Tappan Crapo
                he  b. 13 JUN 1865, in New Bedford, Massachusetts
                    son of William Wallace Crapo (1830-    ), member
                        of Congress [House of Representatives) from
                        Massachusetts, 1875-1883, m. 22 JAN 1857 to
                        Sarah Davis
                    d. 26 JAN 1939, in Tyron, North Carolina
                        [PT 31 JAN 1939, p. 1]
             1. William Wallace Crapo
                b.  2 AUG 1895, in Saginaw, Michigan
                of Flint, Michigan (1937)
                m. 13 JUN 1925, to
                    Elizabeth Wilcox
             2. Catherine (Crapo) Bullard
                b. circa  1897
                of New Bedford, Massachusetts (1937)
                d. 12 NOV 1977, age 80y.
                m. 10 OCT 1919, to
                    John Morgan Bullard
                 1. John Crapo Bullard
                    b.  6 FEB 1921
                    m.  1 OCT 1946, to
                        Katherine Kilburn
                 2. Sarah Bullard
                    b. 27 JUL 1924
                    d.  4 MAY 1942
             3. Mary Morley (Crapo) Hyde
                b.  8 JUL 1912
                m. 16 SEP 1939, to
                    Donald Frizell Hyde
     7. George Walter Morley
        b. 10 JAN 1831, in Weedsport, New York
        came to Painesville with his parents in 1837
        of Saginaw, Michigan, 1863-1914
        occupation:  began as clerk in his father's general store;
            clerk for Morley & Reynolds hardware business in Cleveland;
            in 1852 went to California during the gold excitement and
            engaged in the express business; Morley Brothers Hardware
            Company, Saginaw, Michigan, 1863-1914 (with Edward Wilcox
        d. 10 APR 1914, in Atlanta, Louisiana [PT 11 APR 1914, p. 1]
        1st m.  2 JUL 1867, by Rev. Samuel W. Duncan of the Erie Street
            Baptist Church/ Second Baptist Church of Cleveland
            [CCMR 14:26] to
            Letitia Saloma Johnson
            she a.k.a. "Lettie"
                b. 22 MAY 1841
                dau. of Seth Johnson, d. 9 DEC 1857, age 65 y., and
                    Saloma Johnson, d. 12 DEC 1842, age 44 y.
                of Newbury, Ohio
                d. 16 JAN 1873, age 29 y., in East Saginaw, Michigan
                    [PT 30 JAN 1873, p. 3, col. 7]
        children from 1st marraige:
         1. John Edward Morley
            b. 13 JAN 1873
            of Cleveland (1914)
            d.  8 JAN 1947
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
            m. to Nadine Morgan Coffinberry
                she b. 27 AUG 1876
                    d. 12 DEC 1964
                    bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
             1. John Coffinberry Morley
                b.  6 MAR 1904
                d. 18 JAN 1945
             2. Nadine May (Morley) Clark
                b.  7 MAR 1907
                d. 20 JAN 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio
                m. 22 JUN 1927 to
                    John Steeds Clark
                    he   b. 16 NOV 1900
                         d.    FEB 1984
                 1. Thomas Steeds Clark
                    of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (1999)
                 2. John Morley Clark
                    d.        1980
             3. Harriet Duane (Morley) Wendell
                b.  2 FEB 1913
                d.    JUL 1981
                m. to Howard Wendell
                    he  b. 25 FEB 1908
                        d. 11 AUG 1975
                 1. Howard Wendell
                    of Oregon (2005)
                 2. Foster Duane Wendell
                    of Colorado (2005)
                     1. Shannon Wendell
                        of Washington, D.C. (2005)
                     2. Travis Duane Wendell
                        of Colorado (2005)
                 3. David B. Wendell
                    of Oregon (2005)
                     1. Caren (Wendell) LeMark
                        of Oregon (2006)
                        m. to Joe LeMark
                        children (five sons and one daughter):
                         1. Joseph LeMark
                         2. Samuel LeMark
                         3. Max LeMark
                         4. Thomas LeMark
                         5. Isaac LeMark
                         6. Emma LeMark
                     2. Sarah (Wendell) Tamiian
                        of California  (2006)
                        m. to Calin Tamiian
                        children (two daughters):
                         1. Sanzinia Tamiian
                         2. Magdalene Tamiian
                     3. David A. Wendell
                        of Oregon  (2006)
                        m. to Marlene Elizabeth Sternhagen
                     4. Faith (Wendell) Dauvin
                        of Oregon  (2006)
                        m. to Manuel Dauvin
                         1. Miriam Dauvin
                         2. Avilia Dauvin
                         3. Josiah Dauvin
                     5. Louise (Wendell) Mohr
                        of Oregon (2006)
                        m. Darin Mohr
                 4. Nadine (Wendell) Petrick
                    of Iowa (2005)
                     1. Jenny Nadine Petrick (Ruby Wendell)
                        of California (2005)
                     2. oseph Petrick
                        of Maryland (2005)
             4. Esther Healy (Morley) Schloss
                b.  4 MAR 1914, in Cleveland, Ohio
                d.  8 JAN 1997, age 82 y., in Shaker Heights, Ohio
                m. to Philip M. Schloss
                    he  resident of Shaker Heights, Ohio
                        2nd m. to Alga Masley, circa 1978
                        d. 23 MAR 2000, in Cleveland, Ohios
                 1. John Morley Schloss
of Rochester, New York (1997, 2000)
                 2. Kathryn M. (Schloss) Rose
of Los Angeles, California (1997)
                    of Boston, Massachusetts (2000)
             5. Henry Coffinberry Morley
                b. 11 MAY 1918
                b.        1983
                1st m. to Mary Ainslie
                2nd m. to Martha Judd
                    she b.  9 JUN 1925
                3rd m. 22 FEB 1980, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to
                    Rhoda Joy Kramer Crowder
                d. 13 OCT 1983, in Okeechobee, Florida
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville, Ohio
         2. Mrs. George H. Boyd
            of Atlanta, Louisiana (1914)
        2nd m. 15 JUN 1875, in Painesville, Ohio, by Rev. H. C. Haydn
            and Rev. J. A. Daly [LCMR; PT] to
            Elizabeth Melissa Hitchcock, of Painesville, Ohio
            she b.  3 NOV 1842, in Painesville
                dau. of Reuben Hitchcock
                a.k.a. "Eliza" and "Lizzie"
                d.  4 JAN 1897, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where she
                    had gone to recuperate from the effects of nervous
                    prostration [PT 13 JAN 1897]
        children from 2nd marriage:
         3. Reuben Hitchcock Morley
            b.  2 JUN 1876
            d.        1905, age 28y., murdered in China [PT 20 DEC 1905,
                    p. 1; PT 26 DEC 1905, p. 1; PT 20 JN 1906, p. 1;
                    PT 22 FEB 1906, p. 2; Pt 31 MAY 1906, p. 1;
                    PT 11 JUL 1906, p. 1]
         4. Sarah Marshall Morley
            a.k.a. "Sally"
            b.  7 JUN 1879
            d. 12 JUL 1880, age 13m., in Saginaw, Michigan
                [PT 22 JUL 1880, p. 3]
         5. George Walter Morley, Junior
            b. 24 May 1881
            of Saginaw, Michigan (1914)
            occupation:   associated with his father and uncle in the
                hardware business
     8. Charles Henry Morley
        b. 27 MAR 1835, in Brockport, New York/Painesville?
        of East Saginaw, Michigan (1864); of Fort Scott, Kansas
           (c.1864-1886); of Cleveland (1886-1889)
        occupation:  of J. H. Morley Lead Company, of Cleveland
        d.  9 OCT 1889, in Painesville [LCCI; PT]
        m.  7 SEP 1864, in Painesville, by Rev. Alexander Varian of the
            Presbyterian Church [LCMR; PT] to
            Mary Lee Perkins, of Painesville, Ohio
            she b.            , in Painesville
                dau. of William Lee Perkins, of Painesville
                d.  8 JUN 1927, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
                    [PT 9 JUN 1927, p. 1]
         1. Julia Perkins Morley
            b. circa  1865
            d.  7 FEB 1942, age 77y., in Hamilton, Ontario
                [PT 9 FEB 1942, p. 1]
         2. Esther Healy Morley
            b. 17 AUG 1867
            d.  5 NOV 1868
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
3. Margaretta Muhlenberg (Morley) Wilcox
            b. 26 JUN 1869
            resident of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at the time of her death
            d. 28 AUG 1958, in Arundel, Quebec, Canada, at the home of her
                only child
            m. 11 JUL 1907, in London, Engeland, to
                Charles Seward Wilcox
1. Jane Morley (Wilcox) Stuart
                resident of Arundel, Quebec, Canada [1958]
4. Thomas Hiram Morley
            b. 28 JAN 1872
            d. 19 JUL 1872
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
5. Charles Henry Morley
            b. 19 JAN 1873
            d. 21 SEP 1873
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
     9. Emma Caroline Morley
        b. 15 APR 1837, in Brockport, New York
        d. 30 DEC 1867 [LCCI; PT 9 JAN 1868, p. 3]
    10. Edward Wilcox Morley
        b.  9 FEB 1839, in Painesville, Ohio
        of Davenport, Iowa, 1857-1861; of Fort Scott, Kansas;
            of Saginaw, Michigan 1863-1918
        occupation:  Morley Brothers Hardware Company, Saginaw, Michigan,
            with his brother George Walter Morley 1865-1918
        d. 17 MAY 1918, in New York City [LCCI]
        bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
        1st m. 12 JUN 1866 at the residence of William Ward,
            by Rev. J. G. W. Cowles [PT] to
            Sally Carter, formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio
            she b.  9 NOV 1842
                d. 11 SEP 1869, in East Saginaw, Michigan
                    [PT 23 SEP 1869, p. 3]
        children from 1st marriage:
         1. Annie Esther Morley
            b. 31 MAR 1867
            d. 13 JUL 1868
         2. Edward Charles Morley
            b. 18 JUN 1869
            d. 30 JUN 1872
        2nd m. 9 OCT 1871, in Chicago, Illinois, by Rev. Bartlett [PT] to
            Helen Frances Kelley, of Chicago, Illinois
            she b. 15 MAR 1850, in Lowell, Massachusetts
                dau. of Jacob Kelley and Abbie B. (Chase) Kelley [LCCI]
                     he  b.  9 SEP 1818
                         d. 21 JUN 1891
                         bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
                     she b.  1 MAY 1823
                         d. 11 MAR 1901
                         bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
                d.  7 SEP 1906 [LCCI; PT 11 SEP 1906, p. 3;
                    PT 14 SEP 1906, p. 6]
        children from 2nd marriage:
         3. Albert Jacob Morley
            b. 20 OCT 1872
            of Aberdeen, Washington (1918; 1931)
            d. 25 JAN 1945
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
            1st m. 27 APR 1899 to
                Harriet Paine
            no children from 1st marriage
            2nd m. to Elizabeth Hicok
                she b.        1871
                    d.        1963
                    bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
            children from 2nd marriage:
             1. David Mathews Morley
                b. 10 SEP 1900
                d. 25 SEP 1934
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
             2. Helen Kelley (Morley) Hoagland
                b. 14 JUN 1902
                m. to Warren Eugene Hoagland
                    his occupation attorney
                 1. Edward Morley Hoagland
                    b. 21 DEC 1932, in New York, New York
                    graduate Harvard University, A.B., 1954
                    occupation novelist, travel writer, essayist
                    1st m. 1960 to
                        Amy J. Ferrara
                    2nd m. 28 MAR 1968 to
                        Marion Magid
1. Molly Hoagland
             3. William Ring Morley, Sr.
                b.  7 DEC 1903
                d. 26 APR 1953
                m. 29 JUN 1929 to
                    Louise H. Scoville
                 1. William Ring Morley, Jr.
                    d. from a mountain climbing accident in
                 2. Louise Armstrong (Morley) Schmitt
                    m. to John Stuart Schmitt
                    children:  (10 in all)
1. John Stuart Schmitt, Jr.
                        b. 1957
                        b. 1959

                     2. Julia More (Schmitt) Six
                        b. 1959
3. Nicholas John Schmitt
                        b. 1961
4. William Morley Schmitt
                        b. 1962
5. Maria Louise Schmitt
                        b. 1963
                        d. 1964
6. Louise Lord Schmitt
                        b. 1964
                        a.k.a. Sr. Juliana
7. Stephanie Anne (Schmitt) Langley
                        b. 1966
8. Carl Frederick Schmitt
                        b. 1968
9. Samuel Armstrong Schmitt
                        b. 1970
10. Clare Virginia (Schmitt) Metilly
                        b. 1973
                 3. Samuel Armstrong Morley, Sr.
1. Samuel Armstrong Morley, Jr.
2. William Jose Morley
3. Edward Eliseo Morley
                 4. Ann (Morley) __________ McConnell
                    1st m. to ________________
                    2nd m. to Joseph McConnell
1. Arwen (McConnell) Gallenkamp
                        m. to Eric Gallenkamp
                        children:  (2 in all)

                 5. Virginia (Morley) Morgan

                    m. to Peter Morgan
1. Jennifer Morgan
2. Amanda Morgan
3. Elizabeth Morgan
             4. Edward Wilcox Morley
                b. 25 MAY 1905
                m. 12 NOV 1927 to
                    Marion Price Rose
         4. Walter Kelley Morley
            b.  2 APR 1874, in Chicago
            of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (1918); Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1931);
                Milwaukee suburb of West Allis (1935)
            occupation: minister, vicar of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in
                West Allis, Wisconsin
            d. 13 MAR 1935, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of sinus infection
                with other complications
            m. to Katherine Card
            children (3 sons and 1 daughter):
             1. Rev. Walter K. Morley, Junior
                of West Park, New York (1935)
2. Mrs. Grace (Morley) Howdle
                of Madison, Wisconsin (1935)
             3. Robert Paine Morley
                of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1935)
             4. Marshall Morley
                of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1935)
         5. Grace Morley
            b. 28 MAY 1875
            d. 17 FEB 1881
         6. Ralph Chase Morley
            b.  6 OCT 1876
            of Saginaw, Michigan (1918; 1931)
            d.  6 JAN 1962
            m.  2 JUN 1897 to
                Lucy Stewart Burrows
                she b. 25 DEC 1871
                    d.   1 JUL 1948
         7. Abigail Esther (Morley) Glaize
            a.k.a. "Abbie"
            b. 21 JUN 1879
            of Saginaw, Michigan (1918); of Alligerville, New York (1931)
            d. 19 JAN 1937
            m. 15 MAR 1906, in Painesville [PT 22 MAR 1906, p. 5], to
                Clarence Hurn Glaize, of Chicago
         8. Paul Frye Healy Morley
            b. 19 OCT 1884, Saginaw, Michigan
            of Saginaw, Michigan, 1884-1931
            occupation: treasurer of Morley Brothers; president of
                E. W. Morley & Sons; vice president of Saginaw Timber
                Company; assistant secretary of Saginaw Logging Company;
                vice president of Gray's Harbor Pacific Railway Company
            d. 10 MAY 1931, at his lodge on the AuSable River in Michigan,
                of a heart attack
            m.  7 MAR 1907 to
                Helen Mary Wells
                she b. 24 FEB 1880
                    d. 27 NOV 1930
            children (5 in all):
             1. Paul F. Morley, Junior
                b.         1907
                d.         1944
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville

    b. 22 JUN 1800, in Brutus, New York
    d. 23 FEB 1817, aged 17 y.
    bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
    m. to Sarah R. Weeks

    b. 23 JUL 1802, in Brutus, New York
    of Sennett, New York; Painesville, Ohio; Weedsport, New York
        (1850-1890); Brattleboro, Vermont
    d. 30 APR 1890, aged 87 y.,  in Brattleboro, Vermont
    bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
    m. circa  1818, in Sennett, New York, to
        Asa Calkins
        he  d. circa  1825
     1. Asa J. Calkins
        b. 19 NOV 1819
        d.    JUN 1824, aged 5 y.
        bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
     2. Albert N. Calkins
        b. circa  1821
        d. 15 APR 1823, aged 2 y.
        bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
     3. Asa Calkins
        b. circa  1826
        d. 29 SEP 1849, aged 23 y.
        bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York

    b. 27 AUG 1804, in Brutus, New York
    occupation: merchant in Painesville [PT 5 DEC 1834, p. 3, col. 2:
        United States Cash Store--wholesale and retail]
    d. 13 MAY 1839, in Painesville [LCCI; PT 16 MAY 1839, p. 3, col. 5]

    b. 20 NOV 1806, in Brutus, New York
    d. 21 JUL 1847, in Buffalo, New York, accidental drowning in a state
        of temporary insanity [LCCI; PT 28 JUL 1847, p. 2, col. 3]

    b. 20 FEB 1809, in Brutus, New York
    occupation: merchant in Painesville [PT 28 OCT 1838, p. 3, col. 2:
        Ohio Cash Store--A. & W. Morley (Albert & Walter Morley)]
    d. 13 FEB 1841, from bleeding at the lungs [LCCI; PT 18 FEB 1841,
        p. 3, col. 3]

    b. 12 FEB 1811, in Brutus, New York
    of Sennett, New York, now of Painesville (1890)
    d. 28 JUL 1899
    bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
    m. to Samuel Warn
        he  b.        1808
            son of Deacon John Warn, 1786-1868, and Mary (Kennedy) Warn,
            d.        1845
            bur. Sennett Rural Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga County, New York
        [Cayuga County, New York, Guardianships list the following minor
        children after the death of Samuel Warn:  Ann Mary Warn, John M.
        Warn, Lewis M. Warn, Samuel G. Warn, and Sarah Jane Warn]
     1. Gilbert Warn
        of Hilton, New York (1917)
     2. Jervis M. Warn
        b. circa  1842
        resident of Painesville
        d. 14 APR 1902, age 60y., in Painesville
           [PT 17 APR 1902, p. 2, col. 3]
        bur. Auburn, New York
     3. Mary A. Warn
        b. circa  1837, in Sennett, New York
        of Painesville (1902)
        d. 10 AUG 1917, age 80y. [PT 11 AUG 1917, p. 1, col. 3]
        bur. Sennett, New York
     4. Lewis Morley Warn
        b. circa  1839
        of Sennett, New York; Mapleton, New York; came to Painesville in
        occupation: farmer, had farm on West Jackson Street, Painesville,
        d. 23 OCT 1926, in Painesville [PT 25 OCT 1926, p. 1, col. 5]
        bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
        m. 23 MAR 1875, in Mamaroneck, New York, to
            Rebecca Caldwell
            she b. in England
                dau. of Rev. William H. Caldwell
                family came to United States when she was 12y.
                before marriage lived in Ohio; Pennsylvania; Dundas,
                    Ontario; New York, New York
                member First Baptist Church of Painesville
                d. 23 OCT 1904 (PT 27 OCT 1904, p. 5, col. 6;
                    PT 3 NOV 1904, p. 1, col. 4]
1. Albert Morley Warn
            b. 27 DEC 1878, in Sennett, New York
            of Painesville (1887, 1926)
            d. 21 JUN 1962, age 84y. [PT 21 JUN 1962, p. 4]
            m. 8 NOV 1905, in Painesville to
            Maude L. Morse
            she b. 6 FEB 1878, in Painesville
                graduate Painesville High School 1895
                member St. James Episcopal Church
                d. 19 JAN 1958, age 78y. [PT 20 JAN 1958, p. 4, col. 2]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
             1. Florence Warn
                b.        1914
                d. 13 APR 1915, age 6m., of cerebro hemorrhage
                    [PT 13 APR 1915, p. 1, col. 3]
                bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
2. Emma Morse (Warn) Barto
                of Painesville (1958)
                m. 29 APR 1934, in Painesville, to
                John Ashbel Barto
         2. Mrs. Leslie Keyes
            of Onedia, New York (1926)
         3. Penelope L. Warn
            a.k.a. "Nellie"
            b.  7 JUL 1876, in Sennett, New York
            d. 15 SEP 1903, age 27y., in Painesville [PT 17 SEP 1903,
                 p. 6; PT 1 OCT 1903, p. 2, col. 6]

    b. 14 NOV 1813, in Brutus, New York
    d. 21 JUL 1886 [LCCI; PT 22 JUL 1886, p. 3]
    m. 29 AUG 1837, in Weedsport, New York, to
        Aaron Wilcox
        he  b.  8 MAR 1814, in North Killingworth, Connecticut
            son of Moses Wilcox and nephew of Aaron Wilcox, the "twins"
                of Twinsburg, Ohio
            of Twinsburg before locating in Painesville
            occupation: in 1835 associated with Isaac Gillet in mercantile
                business under name Gillet & Wilcox; merchant until 1865;
                and banker buying our the Lake County Bank to form Aaron
                Wilcox & Co. 1869-1881
            one of the founders of Lake Erie Female Seminary
                (now Lake Erie College)
            Mayor of Painesville
            senior warden of St. James Church, Painesville for 30y.
            d. 13 MAY 1881, of apoplexy, in Painesville [LCCI;
                PT 19 MAY 1881, p. 3]
     1. Eliza Huldah Wilcox
        a.k.a. Huldah Eliza Wilcox
        b. 10 OCT 1838, in Painesville, Ohio
        d.  7 DEC 1925, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
            [LCCI; PT 8 DEC 1925, p. 1, col. 4]
     2. Sarah Jane (Wilcox) Hitchcock
        b.  2 NOV 1840, in Painesville, Ohio
        graduate Lake Erie Female Seminary in 1864
        d. 18 APR 1920, in Cleveland, Ohio
            [PT 19 APR 1920, p. 1, col. 4]
        m. 28 SEP 1864 [LCMR] to
            Peter Marshall Hitchcock
            he  b. 27 APR 1839, in Painesville, Ohio
                son of Reuben Hitchcock and Sarah (Marshall) Hitchcock,
                    of Painesville, Ohio
                    he  b.  2 SEP 1806, in Burton, Ohio
                        d.        1883
                        m. 18 SEP 1834, in Colebrook, Connecticut
                    she b.        1811
                        dau. of Seth Marshall and Susanna (Frisbie)
                            Marshall, m. 10 JUN 1802
                            he  b.  2 DEC 1775
                                    resident of Colebrook, Connecticut,
                                    before removing to Painesville in 1835
                                d. 11 OCT 1841 [PT 13 OCT 1841, p. 2]
                            she b. 10 MAR 1783, in Farmington, Connecticut
                                d. 11 NOV 1878 [PT 14 NOV 1878, p. 3;
                                    PT 21 NOV 1878, p. 3]
                            they had 9 children
                        d.        1884
                d.  9 JUN 1906, age 67y., in Cleveland, Ohio
                    [PT 12 JUN 1906, p. 3]
. Peter W. Hitchcock
            b. circa  1867, in Ohio [1870 CENSUS]
            d. 30 MAY 1876, age 8 y., 10 m., of diphtheria,
                in Cleveland, Ohio [CPLNF]
         2. Harry Bonnell Hitchcock
            a.k.a. Henry Hitchcock [1870 CENSUS]
            b. circa  1869, in Ohio [1870 CENSUS]
            d. 31 DEC 1871, in Painesville, Ohio
                [PT  4 JAN 1872, p. 3, col. 7]
            bur. Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland
         3. Charles Wilcox Hitchcock
            b.  1 DEC 1871, in Cleveland, Ohio
            d. 12 SEP 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio
            m. 10 DEC 1908, in Redlands, California, to
                Mary Sterling
                she b.        1878
                    dau. of Alfred Elisha Sterling, 1843-1866,
                        and Helena Townsend (Bradley) Sterling,
                    d.   5 NOV 1957, in Mentor, Ohio

1. Mary Alexandra (Hitchcock) Childs
                b. 11 AUG 1909, in Cleveland, Ohio
                m.         1933, in Mentor, Ohio. to
                    Frederick Robbins Childs
                    he   b. 27 JAN 1909
2. Helena (Hitchcock) Owen
                b. 14 DEC 1911, in Cleveland, Ohio
                m. 12 JUN 1937, in Mentor, Ohio, to
                    Thomas Glendower Owens
                    he   b.  8 JUN 1909
3. Peter Sterling Hitchcock
                b. 12 JAN 1918, in Cleveland, Ohio
                m. 27 JUN 1942, in Hume, Virginia, to
                    Elizabeth Porter Gaddis
4. Reuben Hitchcock
            b. 21 JUL 1874
            of Cleveland, Ohio (1920)
            d. 29 AUG 1931
            m.         1912, to
                Edith Frances Meacham

         5. Lawrence Hitchcock
            b. 19 MAY 1876
            of Cleveland, Ohio (1920)
            d. 17 APR 1935
            m.  6 OCT 1923, at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio, to
                Helen Chapin
                she b. 18 MAR 1899, in Willoughby, Ohio
                    dau. of Nathaniel D. Chapin and Annie Toppan Spalding

         6. Harold Morley Hitchcock
            b. 10 NOV 1878
            d. 27 DEC 1961, in Cleveland, Ohio
            m.         1909, in Cleveland, Ohio, to
                Elizabeth Britton Newberry
                she b.  3 OCT 1881
                    dau. of Henry Strong Newberry and Elizabeth (Schuyler)
                        Strong, of Cleveland

     3. Aaron Morley Wilcox
        b. 24 JUL 1842, in Painesville, Ohio
        of Painesville; Independence, Iowa (1859-1861); South Bend, Indiana
            (1865-1868); New York (circa 1896-1906)
        enlisted at start of Civil War, 27th Iowa Infantry
        occupation: banker in South Bend, Indiana 1865-1868; partner of
            firm Cleveland, Brown & Co. (Horace G. Cleveland and Peter M.
            Hitchcock) 1868-1879; Ontario Rolling Mill Company in Hamilton,
            Ontario; Vulcan Iron Works, St. Louis, Missouri, 1885-1888; in
            Cleveland iron and steel interest, 1888-1892
        d. 16 APR 1906, of apoplexy, at Catalina Island, California
            [PT 17 APR 1906, p. 1, col. 4]
        m. 24 APR 1873, in Conneaut, Ohio, to
            Helen M. Cleveland
            she b. in Conneaut, Ohio
                dau. of George Smith Cleveland and Lydia Jane (Lyon)
. Aaron Cleveland Wilcox
            a.k.a. Aaron Wilcox, Jr.
            b. 13 JUL 1874
            d.  5 MAR 1891, age 16 y., of pneumonia [PT 11 MAR 1891,
                p. 3, col. 5; LCCI]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
. Horace Wilder Wilcox
            b.  4 JAN 1876, in Painesville [Hamilton Herald] or Cleveland
                [TR], Ohio
            graduate of Cleveland University School and Yale University
            removed to Hamilton, Ontario, circa 1899
            occupation: chemist at Hamilton Steel & Iron Company; Doolittle
                & Wilcox quarry in Dundas, Ontario
            never married
            d. 13 MAR 1912, age 38 y., of heart failure, in New York, 
                New York [Hamilton Herald 13 MAR 1912; TR 14 MAR 1912,
                p. 1, col. 5]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville [LCCI]
     4. Juliet Elizabeth (Wilcox) Doolittle
        b. 20 APR 1844, in Painesville, Ohio
        of Hamilton, Ontario (1881)
        d. 18 JAN 1930, in Hamilton, Ontario [PT 20 JAN 1930, p. 1]
        bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville, Ohio
        m. 16 OCT 1872 [LCMR] to
            Charles E. Doolittle
            he  b. 10 APR 1842, in Painesville
                son of John Titus Doolittle 1811-1871 and Ann M.
                    (Marshall) Doolittle 1818-1904
                occupation: member of the Hamilton Steel & Iron Co.;
                    president of the Ontario Rolling Mill Co.; associated
                    with his brothers Robert Eugene Doolittle and Herbert
                    Marshall Doolittle in Doolittle Bros. hardware store in
                d. 19 JAN 1923, in Ontario [PT 19 JAN 1923, p. 1;
                    PT 23 JAN 1923, p. 1]
         1. Juliet W. Doolittle
            b.  6 OCT 1873
            d.    JAN 1909, of tuberculosis, in Hamilton, Ontario
                [PT 14 JAN 1909, p. 1, col. 5]
            fun. 16 JAN 1909, at Wilcox Place, Painesville
                [PT 19 JAN 1909, p. 1, col. 5]
            bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville
         2. Charles Marshall Doolittle
            b.  2 SEP 1876
            d.  5 JUL 1941, in Hamilton, Ontario [PT 7 JUL 1941, p. 1]
         3. Wilcox Doolittle
            b.  2 FEB 1880
         4. Eliza Doolittle
            b. 19 JUN 1883
     5. Mary Emily Wilcox
        b.  7 JUN 1847, in Painesville, Ohio
        member of St. James Church, Painesville, Ohio
        trustee of Morley Library, Painesville, Ohio ("it was largely
            through her influence that this library was given to
            Painesville"   PT 27 DEC 1910, p. 1, col. 5)
        d. 25 DEC 1910 [PT 27 DEC 1910, p. 1, col. 5]
     6. Caroline/Carrie (Wilcox) Paige
        b. 26 DEC 1851, in Painesville, Ohio
        graduate of Painesville High School in 1868
        graduate of Lake Erie Female Seminary in 1871
        member of St. James Church, Painesville, Ohio
        trustee of Morley Library, Painesville, Ohio
        trustee of Lake County Memorial Hospital, Painesville, Ohio
        d.  5 JUN 1940, age 89y., in Painesville, Ohio
            [PT  5 JUN 1940, p. 1, col. 4]
        m.  5 JUN 1888 [LCMR] to
            Charles Cutler Paige
            he  d. 1 SEP 1918 [PT  3 SEP 1918, p. 1]
     7. Charles Seward Wilcox
        b. 16 MAR 1856, in Painesville, Ohio
        educated at Yale University
        of Hamilton, Ontario (1881)
        chairman of the board of The Steel Company of Canada, Ltd.
        director of the Royal Bank of Canada
        d.  5 JUN 1938 [PT 6 JUN 1938, p. 1]
        m. 11 JUL 1907 to
            Margaretta Muhlenberg Morley




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