The Genelogy Basics Study Group

A Gale Course with Help 

“The Genealogy Basics Study Group”

It’s never too late to explore your family tree.  Why go alone?

Begin your investigation, at Morley Library, with a small group of fellow travelers:  

The Study Group will meet in conjunction with Gale Courses  online  Genealogy Basics Class. 

Each meeting provides an opportunity:

    * To discuss coursework & family tree exploration with fellow travelers.  

    * To gain hands-on experience with resources available in the Genealogy & Local History Room.

    * Assistance from librarians familiar with the Genealogy Collection & genealogy research.

    * Assistance with Registration for Gale Courses Genealogy Basics & how to get around the Gale Courses online classroom.

Participants must register for both The Genealogy Basics Study Group (first meeting - September 8, 2015, at 6:30 p.m.) and the Gale Courses Genealogy Basics (Session beginning on September 16, 2015).

1.  Register for The Genealogy Basics Study Group      

     Phone Registration  (440) 352-3383    Ask for “Adult Services”

     The Study Group will meet 4 times: September 8, 24, October 17, 27

 2.  Gale Courses Genealogy Basics registration - This is an online class offered, to you at no cost, through the library website.

       This class will run for 6 weeks.    Two lessons are posted, by the instructor, each week (Wednesdays & Fridays). 

To register you must have a Morley Library Card & an email account.