New Fiction - May 1, 2017


Adams, Jane. The murder book : a Henry Johnstone mystery.

Albert, Susan Wittig. The general's women : a novel.

Anthony, Piers. Ghost writer in the sky.

Attenberg, Jami. All grown up.

Baldacci, David. The fix.

Bannister, Jo. Other countries.

Barry, Sebastian. Days without end : a novel.

Brown, Holly. This is not over.

Bunn, T. Davis. Miramar Bay.

Butler, Nickolas. The hearts of men : a novel.

Cameron, Stella. Lies that bind : an Alex Duggins mystery.

Carr, Robyn. Any day now.

Cherryh, C. J. Convergence : a Foreigner novel.

Collett, Chris. A Good death : a D.I. Tom Mariner mystery.

Cooper, Susan Rogers. Best served cold : a Milt Kovak mystery.

Donohue, Meg. Every wild heart : a novel.

Dunn, Sarah. The arrangement : a novel.

Fredrickson, Jack. Hidden graves : a Dek Ekstrom mystery.

Graham, Heather. Perfect obsession.

Haigh, Jennifer. Heat and light.

Harper, Karen. Falling darkness.

Jackson, Lisa. Ominous.

Kasasian, M. R. C. The secrets of Gaslight Lane.

Kavanagh, Tasha. Things we have in common.

Landvik, Lorna. Once in a Blue Moon Lodge : a novel.

Marston, Edward. Date with the executioner.

McKevett, G. A. Every body on deck.

Michaels, Fern. High stakes.

Monroe, J. S. Find me.

Monroe, Mary. Never trust a stranger.

Murphy, Sara Flannery. The possessions : a novel.

Neggers, Carla. Red Clover Inn.

Obregón, Nicolás. Blue light Yokohama.

Paretsky, Sara. Fallout : a V.I. Warshawski novel.

Patterson, James. 16th seduction.

Quirk, Matthew. Dead man switch.

Rayne, Sarah. Death notes : a Phineas Fox mystery.

Sandford, John. Golden prey.

Schepp, Emelie. Marked for revenge.

Schwab, Victoria. A conjuring of light.

Shaber, Sarah R. Louise's lies.

Shepard, Sam. The one inside.

Smith, Carrie. Forgotten city : a Claire Codella mystery.

Smith, Wilbur A. War cry.

Spencer, Sally. The shivering turn : a Jennie Redhead mystery.

Taylor, Andrew. The ashes of London. New York : HarperCollins Publishers, c2016.

Trollope, Joanna. City of friends.

Zahn, Timothy. Thrawn.


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