New Fiction - January 1, 2017

Baker, Shannon. Stripped bare.

Beck, Martha Nibley. Diana, herself : an allegory of awakening.

Benedict, Laura. The abandoned heart : a Bliss House novel.

Block, Lawrence. Sinner man.

Bova, Ben. Apes and Angels.

Bruns, Don. Casting bones.

Castle, Richard. High heat.

Chabon, Michael. Moonglow : a novel.

Chase, Julie. Cat got your diamonds : a kitty couture mystery.

Chu, Wesley. Time siege.

Church, James. The gentleman from Japan.

Coelho, Paulo. The spy : a novel.

Corey, James S. A. Babylon's ashes : Book Six of the expanse/.

Cornwell, Bernard. The flame bearer : a novel.

Duncan, Patrick Sheane. Dracula vs. Hitler.

Easley, Warren C. Not dead enough : a Cal Claxton Oregon mystery.

Esmail, Sam. Mr. Robot : eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt.

Estleman, Loren D. Brazen : a Valentino mystery.

Finch, Charles. The inheritance : a Charles Lenox mystery.

Flagg, Fannie. The whole town's talking : a novel.

Freed, Alexander. Rogue One : a Star Wars story.

Golden, Christie. Assassin's creed : the official movie novelization.

Greaney, Mark. Tom Clancy : true faith and allegiance.

Hallinan, Timothy. Fields where they lay : a Junior Bender mystery.

Harper, Karen. Chasing shadows.

Harris, Robert. Conclave.

Hicks, Robert. The orphan mother : a novel.

Hoffman, Patrick. Every man a menace.

Holt, Anne. Beyond the truth.

Holt, Anne. No echo : a Hanne Wilhelmsen novel.

Jackson, Lisa. Expecting to die.

James, Bill. The principals.

Johansen, Erika. The fate of the Tearling : a novel.

Korkeakivi, Anne. Shining sea : a novel.

L'Etoile, James. At what cost : a Detective Penley mystery.

Leavitt, Caroline. Cruel beautiful world : a novel.

Lester, Meera. The murder of a queen bee.

Littell, Robert. The Mayakovsky tapes : a novel.

MacArthur, Robin. Half wild : stories.

MacRae, Molly. Plaid and plagiarism : the Highland bookshop mystery series.

Major, Clarence. Chicago heat and other stories.

McDermid, Val. Out of bounds.

McPherson, Catriona. The reek of Red Herrings : a Dandy Gilver mystery.

Meyer, Stephenie. The chemist : a novel.

Minier, Bernard. Don't turn out the lights.

Oldham, Nick. Ambush : a Steve Flynn thriller.

Pipkin, John. The blind astronomer's daughter : a novel.

Pisel, Angela. With love from the inside.

Rollins, James. The seventh plague : a Sigma Force novel.

Russ, Ted. Spirit mission : a novel.

Scranton, Roy. War porn.

Sefton, Maggie. Knit to be tied.

Stewart, Amy. Lady cop makes trouble.

Talley, Marcia Dutton. Footprints to murder.

Vapnyar, Lara. Still here : a novel.

Wagner, David P. Return to Umbria : a Rick Montoya Italian mystery.

Weaver, Ashley. A most novel revenge.

Wilson, Kea. We eat our own : a novel.

Yoshimoto, Banana. Moshi moshi.

Zink, Nell. Nicotine.


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