New Fiction - September 1, 2016 


Amend, Allison. Enchanted Islands : a novel.

Batista, Paul A. Manhattan lockdown.

Brown, Sandra. Sting.

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane. A most curious murder : a little library mystery.

Catozzella, Giuseppe. Don't tell me you're afraid.

Close, Jennifer. The hopefuls.

Coes, Ben. First strike.

Copperman, E. J. Written off : a mysterious detective mystery.

Downie, Ruth. Vita brevis : a novel of the Roman Empire.

Ephron, Delia. Siracusa.

Farnsworth, Christopher. Killfile.

Fellowes, Julian. Belgravia.

Graham, Heather. Deadly fate.

Gregorio, Michael. Think wolf.

Gross, Andrew. The one man.

Hill, Bonnie Hearn. Goodbye forever.

Honig, Michael. The senility of Vladimir P.

Ivey, Eowyn. To the bright edge of the world : a novel.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Dragonmark.

Koryta, Michael. Rise the dark.

Krugler, David F. The dead don't bleed : a novel.

Lewis, Beth. The wolf road : a novel.

Lustbader, Eric. Any minute now.

Magary, Drew. The hike : a novel.

Marston, Edward. Signal for vengeance.

Martin-Lugand, Agnès. Happy people read & drink coffee : (Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du cafe).

McCafferty, Keith. Buffalo jump blues : a Sean Stranahan mystery.

Montanari, Richard. Shutter man.

Moody, Susan. Quick and the dead : An Alex Quick mystery.

Ortlepp, Amanda. Claiming Noah : a novel.

Paris, B. A. Behind closed doors.

Penny, Louise. A great reckoning.

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. First star I see tonight.

Ramsay, Frederick. Danger woman : a Botswana mystery.

Rimington, Stella. Breaking cover.

Shipman, Viola. The charm bracelet.

Solomon, Anna. Leaving Lucy Pear.

Sund, Erik Axl. The crow girl.

Trow, M. J. The circle : a Grand & Batchelor Victorian mystery.

Verdon, John. Wolf Lake : a novel.

Way, Camilla. Watching Edie.

Wendig, Chuck. Star wars : aftermath : life debt.

Whitehead, Colson. The Underground Railroad : a novel.

Wiggs, Susan. Family tree : a novel.

Wilde, Lori. Love of the game : a Stardust, Texas novel.

Wiley, Michael. Black hammock : a Daniel Turner thriller.

Wright, Lili. Dancing with the tiger.

Wurster, Erich. The coaster.


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