New Fiction - August 1, 2016 


Andrews, V. C. Whitefern.

Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda. June : a novel.

Blackwood, Grant. Tom Clancy duty and honor.

Busquets, Milena. This too shall pass : a novel.

Doherty, P. C. The great revolt.

Dunlap, Susan. Out of nowhere.

Edwards, Yvvette. The mother : a novel.

Eggers, Dave. Heroes of the frontier : a novel.

Ellison, J. T. Field of graves.

Harvey, Michael T. Brighton.

Huntley, Swan. We could be beautiful : a novel.

Iggulden, Conn. Wars of the roses : Bloodline.

Larsen, Ward. Assassin's silence.

Laurens, Stephanie. The daredevil snared.

Lawson, Michael. House revenge.

Levy, Deborah. Hot milk.

Mallery, Susan. Daughters of the bride/.

Morrison, Mary B. Just can't let go.

Pearson, Ridley. White bone.

Pittard, Hannah. Listen to me.

Rogan, Charlotte. Now and again : a novel.

Rosoff, Meg. Jonathan unleashed : a novel.

Rowe, Rosemary. The ides of June : a Libertus mystery. 

Scott, J. Todd. The far empty.

Silva, Daniel. The black widow.

Stevens, Stuart. The innocent have nothing to fear.

Wasserman, Robin. Girls on fire : a novel.

Weaver, Tim. Fall from grace.


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