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Title Den of thieves [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # D
Summary Follows an elite law enforcement unit in Los Angeles as they track the state's most successful bank robbery crew which is planning a heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.
Title Forever my girl [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # F
Summary After being gone for a decade a country star returns home to the love he left behind.
Title Hostiles [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # H
Summary An Army captain reluctantly agrees to accompany an aging Cheyenne war chief and his family back to tribal lands.
Title Maze runner the death cure / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # M
Summary When the Gladers break into the legendary Last City, controlled by WCKD, they discover that it is the deadliest maze they've encountered.
Title Paddington 2 [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Family and Children NEW, Call # P
Summary When a book Paddington wants to buy is stolen, he sets out to find the thief and retrieve the book.
Title Along with the Gods the two worlds / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # A
Summary In the wake of his heroic death, a firefighter experiences the afterlife with the help of three guides.
Title The commuter [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # C
Summary While on his train commute home, an insurance salesman finds himself swept up in a criminal conspiracy.
Title Deep blue sea 2 [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi NEW, Call # D
Summary Shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun is asked to consult on a top-secret project involving the genetic enhancement of sharks which goes terribly wrong.
Title The Post [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # P
Summary Follows the events surrounding the 1971 release of the Pentagon Papers by newspaper publisher Kay Graham and her editor Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post, revealing that the U.S. government knew for years the Vietnam War was unwinnable.
Title 7 guardians of the tomb [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure NEW, Call # S
Summary When a mummified emperor of ancient China is discovered, a centuries-long nightmare is brought to life.
Title Backstabbing for beginners [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # B
Summary Based on a true story, as an idealistic UN employee investigates the murder of his predecessor, he uncovers a vast conspiracy involving Iraq's oil reserves.
Title Basmati blues [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # B
Summary When an agricultural scientist is sent to India by her CEO to sell the genetically modified rice she developed, she meets Rajit who helps her discover it will hurt the Indian farmers she is trying to help.
Title Beast of burden [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # B
Summary After a drug mule turns into an informant, he learns that his wife had been kidnapped by a cartel and must find a way to save her from the cockpit of his plane.
Title Film stars don't die in Liverpool [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # F
Summary Based on Peter Turner's memoir, tells the story of the actor's passionate relationship with aging Gloria Grahame, who finds support in her younger lover when she is diagnosed with breast cancer.
Title Gone are the days [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # G
Summary A notorious outlaw sets out to save his estranged daughter, and also save his own soul along the way.
Title Half magic [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # H
Summary Three female friends come together to fight against sexism, bad relationships and low self-esteem.
Title Honor up [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # H
Summary Tells the story of a drug lord's lieutenant and his gang as they come into conflict with their own code of honor.
Title Just getting started [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # J
Summary A manager of a luxurious resort has to team up with his rival to foil a mob hit.
Title Looking glass [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # L
Summary When a couple stays at a desert motel, a series of strange and mysterious events ensue.
Title Permanent [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # P
Summary After a preteen girl receives a poorly done permanent wave, she must contend with going about her daily life with bad hair.
Title Suicide Squad hell to pay / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # S
Summary When the Suicide Squad is called upon to retrieve a powerful mystical object, they risk their lives to steal it for themselves.
Title Sweet Virginia [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # S
Summary A former rodeo star who owns a small motel befriends a mysterious stranger who is responsible for a wave of violence that has suddenly gripped his town.
Title The tribes of Palos Verdes [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # T
Summary After her family moves to Palos Verdes, California, teenager Medina must rely on her inner strength and the refuge she finds in surfing as her parents' marriage falls apart and her twin brother turns to drugs.
Title All the money in the world [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # A
Summary When sixteen-year-old John Paul Getty III is kidnapped, his mother tries to convince his billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom.
Title Braven [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # B
Summary A logger must protect his famly from a gang of dangerous drug dealers.
Title The greatest showman [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Musical, Call # G
Summary The life story of P.T. Barnum the creator of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.
Title Molly's game [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # M
Summary Follows the story of Molly Bloom, who ran a high-stakes poker game for a decade before being arrested by the FBI.
Title My friend Dahmer [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # M
Summary Follows the teenage life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
Title Phantom thread [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # P
Summary Set in 1950s London, a renowned designer and dressmaker finds his fastidiously planned life disrupted by the love of a young, strong-willed woman.
Title Proud Mary [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # P
Summary A hit woman sees her life change dramatically when a professional hit goes wrong and she crosses paths with a young boy.
Title Father figures [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # F
Summary Two fraternal twins go on a road trip to find their biological father.
Title Insidious the last key / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # I
Summary Parapsychologst Elise Rainier learns that she must face a demon haunting her own home.
Title Star wars the last Jedi / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # S
Summary Luke Skywalker helps Rey develop her newly discovered abilities, while the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order.
Title True to the game [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # T
Summary  A drug lord falls in love with a bright college girl and decides to escape the world of crime and start his life all over again.
Title The last movie star [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # L
Summary An aging movie star travels to Nashville to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award only to discover that the festival that invited him is a low-rent affair held out of a bar.
Title The vanishing of Sidney Hall [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # V
Summary A detective searches for a once-famous writer whose best-selling book is mysteriously connected to a string of arsons.


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