New DVDs - August 1, 2017

Title The Boss Baby [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Family & Children NEW, Call # B
Summary A young boy works with his precocious infant brother to stop the plans of a dog company executive. 
Title Ghost in the shell [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # G 
Summary After Major is saved from an accident and cyber-enhanced to become a crime-fighting machine, she begins to discover pieces of her past and questions her mission in life. 
Title Norman the moderate rise and tragic fall of a New York fixer / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # N
Summary Norman Oppenheimer's incessant networking for personal gain gets him nowhere, but his life changes dramatically when the unknown young politician he befriended three years ago becomes the prime minister of Israel. 
Title Their finest [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # T
Summary During the bombing of London in World War II, a film crew puts together a movie to boost the country's morale and convince Americans to join the war. 
Title Badrinath ki dulhania [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # B
Summary Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. This leads to a clash of ideologies, despite both of them recognizing the goodness in each other. 
Title The fate of the furious [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # F
Summary Dominic Toretto's crew must join forces with their old enemy, assassin Deckard Shaw, when Dom is seduced back into the world of crime by a beautiful cyberterrorist. 
Title The zookeeper's wife [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # Z
Summary Zookeepers Antonina and Jan Zabinski risk their lives to save hundreds of people and animals during the German invasion of Warsaw in World War II. 
Title Before I fall [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # B
Summary A teenager is forced to relive her last day over and over. 
Title Collide [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # C
Summary After a drug heist goes bad, a man goes on the run from a gang boss and tries to protect his girlfriend from the criminals pursuing him. 
Title A cure for wellness [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # C
Summary When he is sent to bring his company's CEO home from a "wellness center," a young executive discovers the spa's treatments aren't what they seem. 
Title Dangal [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # D
Summary Mahavir Singh, a young, talented wrestler, could never accomplish his dream of winning India an international gold medal in wrestling due to financial pressures. After marriage, he hopes that his son will fulfill his dream. But over the next fifteen years, he has four daughters. 
Title Journey to the west the demons strike back / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # J
Summary Now one of Tang's disciples, the Monkey King, Sandy, and Pigsy join forces to fight demons on their journey west. 
Title Un padre no tan padre = From dad to worse [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # P
Summary When an eighty-five-year-old man is kicked out of his retirement home, he moves in with his son and has to adjust to the son's hippie lifestyle and eccentric roommates. 
Title The sense of an ending [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # S
Summary Haunted by his past, a man is presented with a diary that causes him to question his life choices. 
Title The state vs. Jolly LL.B 2 [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # S
Summary An ambitious lawyer finds himself in a battle with a ruthless advocate after making an innocent mistake. 
Title T2 trainspotting [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # T
Summary After twenty years abroad, former heroin addict Mark Renton returns home to Edinburgh, reuniting with the friends he betrayed in a drug deal. 
Title Table 19 [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # T
Summary No longer maid of honor at her oldest friend's wedding after being dumped by the best man, Eloise attends anyway and finds herself seated at a table at the back of the ballroom with a group of strangers. 
Title A united kingdom [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # U
Summary Set in the 1940s, Prince Seretse Khama, later the first president of Botswana, causes an international stir when he marries a white woman from London. 
Title The Belko experiment [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # B
Summary Eighty employees become locked in their office building with orders to kill each other or be killed themselves. 
Title Free fire [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # F
Summary When two gangs cross paths in a deserted Boston warehouse, a shootout and a game of survival ensues. 
Title Gifted [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # G
Summary A mathematically gifted seven-year-old girl finds herself in the middle of a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother who have differing opinions on how she should be raised. 
Title Kong, Skull Island [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # K
Summary A scientific exploratory mission on an uncharted Pacific island becomes a battle for survival when a giant gorilla and other monsters become aware of their presence. 
Title The lost city of Z [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # L
Summary The story of Colonel Percival Fawcett, a British explorer who mysteriously vanished while searching for a lost city in the Amazon in the 1920s. 
Title Nocturne [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # N
Summary When her friends perform an unexpected seance, a woman discovers that a demon from her past has caught up to her. 
Title The promise [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # P
Summary During the last days of the Ottoman Empire, a love triangle forms between a medical student, an American journalist, and an artist. 
Title Smurfs the lost village / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Family & Children NEW, Call # S
Summary Follows the adventures of the tiny blue creatures known as the Smurfs as they try to outwit the evil wizard Gargamel. 
Title Unforgettable [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # U
Summary A woman is determined to make life miserable for her ex-husband's new wife. 


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