New DVDs - June 1, 2017

Title The resurrection of Gavin Stone [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # R
Summary When he is forced by do community service at a megachurch, a former child star pretends to be a Christian to land the lead role in their annual Passion Play.
Title The shack [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # S
Summary After the presumed death of his daughter, a man receives a letter he suspects is from God, telling him to return to the shack where his daughter may have been murdered.
Title The Great Wall [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # G
Summary A European mercenary searching for black powder finds himself in China defending the Great Wall against alien monsters.
Title Logan [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # L
Summary When Logan cares for an ailing Professor X on the Mexican border, his attempts to hide from the world are complicated when a young mutant suddenly arrives.
Title Rock Dog [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Family & Children NEW, Call # R
Summary A young dog leaves his home village to become a rock star.
Title Raees [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # R
Summary Criticizing the prohibition of alcohol and illegal drugs in Gujarat, this film unfolds the story of a cruel and clever bootlegger, whose business is challenged by a tough cop.
Title The Bye Bye Man [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # B
Summary After three college friends discover the origins of a legend called the Bye Bye Man, they struggle to overcome his curse.
Title The comedian [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # C
Summary When an aging comedian trying to make a comeback is sentenced to community service for accosting an audience member, he meets the daughter of a real estate mogul and the pair find inspiration in each other.
Title A dog's purpose [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Family, Call # D
Summary Over several lifetimes, and with several owners, a dog looks to discover his purpose in life.
Title Gold [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # G
Summary An unlucky businessman and a geologist team up to find gold in the jungles of Indonesia.
Title Resident evil the final chapter / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # R
Summary Alice discovers that she must return to Raccoon City to fight against the Umbrella Corporation and their final attack against the survivors of the zombie virus.
Title Rings [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # R
Summary After her boyfriend views a videotape that is rumored to kill people seven days after they watch it, a woman tries to solve the mystery behind the curse.
Title Sleepless [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # S
Summary A police office with a connection to the criminal world searches a nightclub for his kidnapped son.
Title The space between us [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Drama, Call # S
Summary The first human born on Mars travels to Earth for the first time where he embarks on an adventure with a street smart girl he met online.
Title Split [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # S
Summary After being abducted by a strange man, three teenage girls begin to meet his twenty-four separate personalities.
Title The salesman [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Foreign Language, Call # S
Summary After Rana and Emad move into a new apartment, Rana is assaulted one evening while Emad is out rehearsing Arthur Miller's "Death of a salesman," dramatically changing their lives.
Title XXX return of Xander Cage / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # X
Summary After being left for dead in the wake of an accident, Xander Cage secretly returns to action for a new assignment.
Title The take [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # T
Summary A con artist and former CIA agent embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France.
Title Underworld blood wars / [videorecording] :
Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # U
Summary Vampire death dealer Selene fends off attacks from the Lycans and Vampires while trying to put an end to the eternal war between them.
Title La La Land [videorecording]
Collection DVD - Musical, Call # L
Summary A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress meet and fall in love despite the differences in their lives.


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