New DVDs - November 1, 2016


 Title Star trek beyond [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # S
 Summary When an attack by a dictator named Krall leads to the destruction of the Enterprise, the crew ends up marooned on a remote planet.
 Title The purge election year / [videorecording] :
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # P
 Summary On the night of the annual Purge, when all crime is legal for twelve hours, a senator calling for an end to the Purge is betrayed and she finds herself and her security guard on the streets of Washington D.C. during the Purge.
 Title Lights out [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # L
 Summary A woman is haunted by a creature that only appears in darkness.
 Title Nerve [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # N
 Summary High school senior Vee finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, controlled by anonymous watchers.
 Title Warcraft [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # W
 Summary After orcs flee from their dying homeland into the peaceful human world of Azeroth, an orc and a human try to work together to let the two species live in peace.
 Title Fastball [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Documentary Film, Call # F
 Summary The essence of baseball is the primal battle between the pitcher and the batter, a magical moment only 396 milliseconds in the making. The mysteries and memories of baseball s greatest heroes are revealed in Fastball, as it features interviews with dozens of former players, from legendary Hall-of-Famers to up-and-coming All-Stars, including Hank Aaron, Nolan Ryan, and Derek Jeter, with narration by Kevin Costner (Field of Dreams).
 Title Alice through the looking glass [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Family & Children NEW, Call # A
 Summary Alice journeys through a mirror to a strange and wonderful world where curious adventures await her.
 Title Cafe society [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # C
 Summary Set in the 1930s, a young Bronx native moves to Hollywood where he falls in love with the secretary of his powerful uncle, an agent to the stars. After returning to New York he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life.
 Title Free state of Jones [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Drama, Call # F
 Summary A disillusioned Confederate army deserter leads a milita of fellow deserters, runaway slaves, and women in an uprising against the local Confederate government in Mississippi.
 Title Independence Day resurgence / [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # I
 Summary Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?
 Title Our kind of traitor [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Mystery, Call # O
 Summary A British couple get caught up with a Russian oligarch and money launderer while on vacation in Marrakesh.
 Title Dirty grandpa [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # D
 Summary Just before his wedding, a young man is tricked into driving his grandfather to Florida for spring break.
 Title Zoolander no. 2 [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # Z
 Summary While modeling in Rome, Derek and Hansel become targets in a fashion related conspiracy.
 Title The infiltrator [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Drama, Call # I
 Summary U.S. Customs officer Robert Mazur goes undercover to expose Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's money laundering operation.
 Title Ghostbusters [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # G
 Summary When ghosts invade Manhattan, two paranormal enthusiasts, a nuclear engineer, and subway worker band together to stop the threat.
 Title Ice age collision course / [videorecording] :
 Collection DVD - Family & Children NEW, Call # I
 Summary When Scrat creates a meteor shower that threatens the Earth, the animals must band together to find a way to keep one giant meteor from destroying the world.
 Title The legend of Tarzan [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # L
 Summary While living in London, Tarzan is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate happenings at a mining encampment.
 Title Neighbors 2 [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Comedy, Call # N
 Summary When their new next-door neighbors turn out to be a sorority even worse than the fraternity that previously lived there, Mac and Kelly team up with their former enemy to bring the sorority down.
 Title The darkness [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # D
 Summary After a boy brings back several stones from their trip to the Grand Canyon, a family discovers that the stones have brought vicious demons into their house.
 Title Swiss army man [videorecording]
 Collection DVD - Action Adventure, Call # S
 Summary A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.
 Title X-Men apocalypse / [videorecording] :
 Collection DVD - Sci-Fi, Call # X
 Summary The X-Men do battle with Apocalypse, the world's first mutant.



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