Tween Programs

Winter Special Tween Programs: 

Tween Canvas Creations

Saturday, January 26th - Project Room - 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Join Miss Joya on an art adventure! Follow along with an online tutorial to create a painted winter scene on canvas. Please wear a paint shirt or older clothes as this program could get messy. This program is for children age 9-12 years.

Registration is required and will begin 2 weeks before the program on January 12th.


Winter N B TWEEN

N B TWEEN is a weekly program for tweens ages 9-12. The Winter N B TWEEN session will start on Wednesday, January 9th and run for 7 weeks. There is no registration needed for N B TWEEN. N B TWEEN runs from 4:15 - 5:00 PM in the Project Room on the Children's Floor.

Wednesdays - Project Room with Miss Joya - 4:15 - 5:00 PM

N B TWEEN Weekly Schedule for Winter Session: 

January 9—Snowflake Art

Do you want to make a snowflake?  Come and create your very own unique design. 

January 16—Yarn Letter Crafting

Make letters by cutting your initials and then design them in colorful ways by wrapping them in yarn. 

January 23—Scavenger Hunt and Game Day

Learn the different areas of the library while doing a scavenger hunt.  Then we’ll play fun games together. 

January 30—Perler Beads and Coloring

Show us what you can create with beads.  We might also be able to do some coloring. 

February 6—Tech Time

Explore some new apps or games with fellow tweens. 

February 13—Pokémon Day

There is a new Pikachu movie coming out in a few months!  Make a fun craft and play a Pokémon game. 

February 20—Book Tasting

Have you ever heard of a book tasting?  Join us to explore a menu full of book entrees. 


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