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Why Storytime?

Why Storytime?

"Babies brains actually change as a result of hearing adults talk to them"
Start talking to your baby by: singing, playing games like peek-a-boo, reading rhymes, making up funny sounds, and just plain talking to your child! Your public library has lots of good books, tapes, CD's that will help you get started.

"Toddlers are hungry for words. It is estimated that older toddlers are learning about 9 new words a day or 63 new words a week!"  "By the age of four, the average child should know about 5000 words".  Continue talking, reading, singing, rhyming with your toddler.  Bring your child to a library story time! Feed them more words. They are hungry!

"Three to four year olds are: adding many new words to their vocabularies; are learning to talk in complete sentences; are learning how to carry on conversations; are trying to figure out the grammar of their language". Read, talk, listen and bring your child to a story time.  Preschoolers are building social skills as well as language skills and story time is a good start in meeting new kids and adults and in practicing socializing and language. And, it is free!

Children of all ages still like to listen to stories.  Older children can appreciate picture books for the art and the story.  There are picture books for all ages. There are stories for all attention spans and for all kinds of interests.  Continue to read to your family.  Make reading a special story or poem a tradition at special events. Ask a librarian for reading suggestions.  There are story times and activities for older children that are free at your public library. There are even adult book clubs!  Enjoy using language and your child will too. Reading is necessary for success in school and in life.