New Books on CD - April 1, 2016

Black, Benjamin. Even the dead [sound recording].

Chevalier, Tracy. At the edge of the orchard [sound recording].

Coben, Harlan. Fool me once [sound recording].

Cussler, Clive. The gangster [sound recording].

Deaver, Jeffery. The steel kiss a Lincoln Rhyme novel / [sound recording] :.

Fielding, Joy. She's not there [sound recording].

Graham, Heather. Flawless [sound recording].

Harrison, Jim. The Ancient minstrel novellas / [sound recording] :.

Hepworth, Sally. The things we keep [sound recording].

Jackson, Lisa. Revenge [sound recording].

Jance, Judith A. Clawback [sound recording].

Macomber, Debbie. A girl's guide to moving on [sound recording].

McCallum, David. Once a crooked man [sound recording].

Michaels, Fern. No safe secret [sound recording].

Parker, T. Jefferson. Crazy blood [sound recording].

Patterson, James. Private Paris [sound recording].

Quindlen, Anna. Miller's Valley [sound recording].

Steel, Danielle. Property of a noblewoman [sound recording].

Weber, David. Hell's foundations quiver [sound recording].