New Books on CD - November 1, 2015


Ahlborn, Ania. Within these walls [sound recording].

Atwood, Margaret Eleanor. The heart goes last [sound recording].

Brooks, Geraldine. The secret chord [sound recording].

Coulter, Catherine. The end game [sound recording].

Dekker, Ted. A.D. 33 [sound recording].

Frey, Stephen W. Jury Town [sound recording].

Graham, Heather. The hidden [sound recording].

Gregory, Philippa. The taming of the queen [sound recording].

Hannaham, James. Delicious foods [sound recording].

Hooper, Kay. Fear the dark [a Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novel] / [sound recording] :.

Jance, Judith A. Dance of the bones [a J. P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker novel] / [sound recording] :.

Johansen, Iris. Shadow play [sound recording].

Karon, Jan. Come rain or come shine [sound recording].

Macomber, Debbie. Dashing through the snow a Christmas novel / [sound recording] :.

Michaels, Fern. Double down [sound recording].

Patterson, James. The murder house [sound recording].

Percy, Benjamin. The dead lands [sound recording].

Robinson, Kim Stanley. Aurora [sound recording].

Sandford, John. Saturn run [sound recording].

Seymour, Gerald. The outsiders [sound recording].

Sparks, Nicholas. See me [sound recording].

Woods, Sherryl. Willow Brook Road [sound recording].