New Blu-rays - January 1, 2017



Title In a valley of violence [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # I
Summary A mysterious stranger and a random act of violence drag a town of misfits and nitwits into the bloody crosshairs of revenge.
Title A man called Ove [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Foreign Language, Call # M
Summary Ove is the block's grumpy old man who enforces strict neighborhood rules and whom every body avoids. One ordinary day a new family is moving in next door to Ove and accidentally backs into his mailbox. Turns out there is an unexpected friendship that blooms out of it.
Title When the bough breaks [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Mystery, Call # W
Summary A surrogate mom for a couple becomes dangerously obsessed with the soon-to-be father.
Title The magnificent seven [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # M
Summary In the old West, seven gun men come together to help a poor village defend themselves against thieves.
Title Storks [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Family, Call # S
Summary With the help of his human friend Tulip, Junior, a stork, races to make his first-ever baby delivery before his boss discovers he accidentally activated the Baby Making Machine.
Title Sully [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # S
Summary After landing US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger faces criticism during the investigation into the crash while being hailed as a hero by the media.
Title Kubo and the two strings [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Family, Call # K
Summary When a spirit from the past wreaks havoc on Kubo's life, he must locate a magical suit of armor that was once worn by his late father, a legendary samurai warrior.
Title Ben-Hur [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # B
Summary Having spent years in slavery after false accusation of treason, Jewish nobleman Ben-Hur returns home seeking revenge but his life transforms when he meets a Nazarene named Jesus Christ.
Title Equity [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # E
Summary Senior investment banker Naomi Bishop is threatened by a financial scandal and must untangle a web of corruption. 
Title Florence Foster Jenkins [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # F
Summary The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a woman who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite her lack of a good singing voice.
Title Southside with you [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # S
Summary Chronicles the first date of Michelle and Barack Obama, in 1989.
Title Suicide Squad [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # S
Summary Federal agent Amanda Waller recruits a group of incarcerated supervillains to fight against a threat to the U.S.
Title The darkness [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Sci-Fi, Call # D
Summary After a boy brings back several stones from their trip to the Grand Canyon, a family discovers that the stones have brought vicious demons into their house.
Title The Hollars [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # H
Summary A man returns to his small hometown after learning that his mother has fallen ill and is about to undergo surgery.



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