New Blu-rays - December 1, 2016



 Title Imperium [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # I
 Summary An FBI agent goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy group and finds sticking to his new identity while maintaining his real principles difficult.
 Title The sea of trees [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # S
 Summary A suicidal man befriends a Japanese man in "Suicide Forest" in Japan, and the two search for a way out.
 Title Don't breathe [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Sci-Fi, Call # D
 Summary When three friends decide to break into the home of a blind recluse, they discover that he is hiding a dark secret.
 Title The meddler [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # M
 Summary In the wake of her husband's passing, a widow follows her daughter to Los Angeles from New York City hoping to start a new life.
 Title The wild life [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Family & Children NEW, Call # W
 Summary After being shipwrecked, Robinson Crusoe survives on a deserted island with the help of a group of animals living there.
 Title The BFG [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Family & Children NEW, Call # B
 Summary The elderly Big Friendly Giant kidnaps ten-year-old orphan Sophie to help him on a mission to get rid of the evil, man-eating giants who have been invading the human world.
 Title Pete's dragon [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Family & Children NEW, Call # P
 Summary The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon.
 Title Hell or high water [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # H
 Summary Two brothers resort to robbing banks to save their family ranch in west Texas.
 Title The infiltrator [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # I
 Summary U.S. Customs officer Robert Mazur goes undercover to expose Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's money laundering operation.
 Title Mechanic resurrection / [videorecording] :
 Collection Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # M
 Summary Retired assassin Arthur Bishop is living undercover in Brazil when an old acquaintance kidnaps the woman Arthur loves and orders him to perform three kills.
 Title Nine lives [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # N
 Summary When a workaholic businessman buys his daughter a cat for her birthday, he becomes trapped in the cat's body and must learn how to reconnect with his family.
 Title War dogs [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # W
 Summary Three young stoners from Florida win a lucrative Department of Defense contract through which they supply poor-grade ammunition to Afghanistan's military before being caught by Pentagon investigators.
 Title Bad moms [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # B
 Summary Three over-stressed moms go on a binge of self-indulgence in an effort to free themselves from their daily responsibilities.
 Title Exposed [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # E
 Summary While investigating the death of his partner, a police detective discovers police corruption.
 Title Finding Dory [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Family & Children NEW, Call # F
 Summary With the help of her friends, Dory sets out to find her parents and save them from captivity.
 Title Sausage party [videorecording]
 Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # S
 Summary Follows the adventures of an ambitious sausage and other food and non-perishable items within a grocery store.



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