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Book Jacket for: Gods of Egypt [videorecording]
Title                           Gods of Egypt [videorecording]
Collection                Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # G
Summary Years after the god Set blinds young Horus and kills the king, a mortal man sets out to free Horus and bring him back to take his place among the gods.
Title                           Jane got a gun [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # J
Summary A woman asks her former lover for help when her outlaw husband is threatened by a gang.
Title                           The lady in the van [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # L
Summary                 When a man discovers that a transient woman is living in a van in his driveway, he forms an unexpected bond with her.
Title                           The finest hours [videorecording]
Collection                Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call #  F
Summary               The story of the 1952 Coast Guard mission to save the crews of two oil tankers that were torn in half by the force of one of New England's worst nor'easters
Title                           How to be single [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Comedy, Call # H
Summary               A group of single friends navigate life in New York City.
Title                           Krampus [videorecording]          
Collection Blu-ray - Sci-Fi, Call # K
Summary                After a preteen boy becomes frustrated with his family and tears up his letter to Santa, his family is visited by the Christmas demon Krampus.
Title                           Deadpool [videorecording]
Collection               Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # D
Summary After a rogue experiment leaves him with accelerated healing powers, ex-special forces operative Wade Wilson adopts the alter ego Deadpool to fight crime.
Title The 5th wave [videorecording]                                     
Collection Blu-ray - Sci-Fi, Call # F                                             
Summary                  After an alien invasion, Cassie must rescue her brother  from the aliens with the help of a boy who may be the enemy.    
Title                            Extraction [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # E     
Summary When a terrorist group kidnaps a retired CIA field operative, his son launches his own unsanctioned rescue operation.
Title                           Legend [videorecording]
Collection Blu-ray - Drama, Call # L
Summary                  Twin brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray rise to power in the criminal underworld of London.
Title Cop car [videorecording]
Collection                  Blu-ray - Mystery, Call # C
Summary After two ten-year-old boys decide to take a joy ride in a police car, an officer sets out in pursuit of his vehicle.
Title Criminal activities [videorecording]
Collection                  Blu-ray - Action Adventure, Call # C 
Summary When four friends learn that their bad investment was funded by a notorious crime boss, they look for a way to erase their life-threatening debt.





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