Ways you can Support your Library

Shop to benefit the Libraryamazon.com

Now you can support Morley Library with your online shopping at Amazon.com. Each time you go to Amazon from a link on the  Morley Library website  and make a purchase, Morley Library will receive a donation from Amazon. After you click on the link, you can bookmark the page for future use.

Gifts to the Library

What better way to honor or memorialize a loved one, friend or event than a gift to Morley Library. Below are some ways to make this happen.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund accepts money given either in memory of a person or to honor someone still living on a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.  If desired, a book will be added to Morley Library's collection in a specific subject bearing both the donor and honoree's name.  The capital in this fund is never spent; the interest from the account is used to purchase materials for the Library.  This is the most popular giving option. Legally, this is considered a non-expendable trust fund.

Building Fund

The money in this fund is used for capital building and land improvements beyond the scope of a yearly budget.  Both capital and interest can be expended.  For instance, it has been used for repaving the parking lot, planting trees and to help finance the new building.  Gifts are accepted into this fund, and can be earmarked in someone's memory or to honor a special person.

Trust Fund

The Trust Fund is legally considered an expendable trust fund.  As such, the capital can be spent.  There are several ongoing gifts from the Morley Family that support this fund.  In addition, The Library has received gifts over the years that have been earmarked for special purposes and are so used.  The Trust Fund purchases are used for extra things that make Morley Library the exceptional service organization that it is.  The money has been used in the past for furniture, equipment such as microfilm reader/printers, and even for the down payment for the Bookmobile.