Friends of Morley Library

Friends of Morley Libray

Celebrating 120 years of service to Morley Library and the Painesville community.

The Friends of Morley Library are a group of volunteers dedicated to helping make the Library the best it can be.  The Friends have conducted fundraising activities to benefit the Library, as well as focusing public attention on the Library services, facilities, and needs.  In addition to the ever-popular Friends of Morley Bookshop book sales, the Friends also run an ongoing Book Sale in the Library’s lobby, updated regularly.  Each year the Friends raise funds for many of your favorite activities at Morley Library. 


Who Are The Friends?

The purpose of the Friends of Morley Library is to promote closer relations between Morley Library and the citizens of Painesville and Lake County; to heighten the awareness of the public to the programs of the library, and to raise funds to support and supplement the library’s community services. 

The Friends are community volunteers dedicated to assisting in the implementation of Morley Library’s mission and goals. 

What Do The Friends Do For The Library? 

Friends help with the following:

  • Support for the Library throughout the community.
  • Sort donated books for the regularly scheduled book sales in the Friends of Morley Bookshop and Lobby ongoing sale.
  • Publish a biannual newsletter.
  • Assist in funding summer reading programs.
  • Conduct annual Spring Raffle fundraiser.


The Friends of Morley Library Board meets the 4th Saturday of every month at 9:30 AM in the Morley Library Meeting Rooms.  

The Friends Annual meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 2018, at 2:00 p.m.  Carl Engel, Morley Library historian will present “County Estates of Cleveland Gentlemen,” the Lake County edition.  All 2018 Friends members are eligible to attend.