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(440) 352-3383           
Morley Library      184 Phelps St.      Painesville, OH 44077
(440) 352-3383           
Morley Library      184 Phelps St.      Painesville, OH 44077

We had a great meeting to kick off a new year of programming ideas for teens at the library.  A total of 7 teens attended the meeting.  We discussed prizes for the Summer Reading club, as well as program ideas.  The theme for this summer’s teen reading program is “Build a Better World”.  Teens were asked about contributing to the community and other organizations to make our world a little better.  Remember, if you can’t attend a T.A.G. meeting, please submit your suggestions to the Teen Librarian using the form on the right-hand side of this page.

Teen Program Ideas:

•    Gaming nights
•    Movie nights
•    More arts & crafts program
•    Yoga classes
•    Create cars using old water bottles powered by balloons.  More Science programs!
•    A Book & Movie Club for teens.  Read books and then watch the movie together.

Services for teens:

There are teens requesting help with their homework, especially math.  The Teen Librarian will explore options, such as finding local tutors to meet with teens here at the library.

Best times to meet:

It was mentioned that Saturdays are a better time to meet.  We may add some Saturday T.A.G. meeting times beginning in May.

How can teens volunteer:

A few teens are interested in writing book reviews to help other teen readers looking for their next book to read.



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