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(440) 352-3383           
Morley Library      184 Phelps St.      Painesville, OH 44077
(440) 352-3383           
Morley Library      184 Phelps St.      Painesville, OH 44077

Teen Program Ideas:
•    More PS4 gaming programs
•    Movie nights
•    Monopoly/gaming tournaments
•    Read-aloud author suggestions…Dean Koontz or Stephen King
•    Pokemon Club gaming night
•    Tie Dye shirts
•    Watercolor
•    Zentangle
•    Creative writing/poetry workshops
•    Pinterest DIY’s
•    Lots of crafts
•    Just Dance competition
•    More board game nights
Teen Services:

•    Computers in teen corner for study/research
•    More trash cans and signs to remind others not to drop their trash on the floor
•    More bean bag chairs
•    More tables and chairs for studying
•    Put up more signs at the local schools to advertise teen programs/services
•    Test prep courses
•    Add bookmarks with reading suggestions, such as “If you like this book….then you’ll like…”
How can teens volunteer:

•    Decorate teen corner
•    Help with Summer reading program
•    Write book reviews

What books and materials would you like to add to the teen collection:

•    Dan and Phil go Outside by Phil Lester and Dan Howell
•    Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister
•    You-tuber books are very popular
•    Innocence by Dean Koontz
•    Pokemon card/trading books
How often can teens meet for T.A.G. meetings

•    Once or twice per month
•    Afterschool/weekends



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