Martin Chicka Chicka Boom Boom                                                     Elhert Eating the Alphabet

Whitehead Here Comes Hungry Albert—ABC Adventures                 Eastman Alphabet Book

Whitehead Best Valentine Book—ABC Adventures                            Fain  Handsigns

Whitehead Best Halloween Book—ABC Adventures




Heller How to Hide a Polar Bear        Dewey Can You Find Me?      Cherry The Great Kapok Tree

Trapani What Am I?  An Animal Guessing Game                               Dorros Animal Tracks

Arnosky Raccoons and Ripe Corn                                                       Baker Hide and Snake

Schwartz Look Once, Look Again:  At the Pond                                Arnosky Come Out Muskrats




Micucci Life and Times of the Apple                                                   Fowler Apples of Your Eye

Gibbons Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree                                            Knudsen Autumn is for Apples

Hutchings Picking Apples and Pumpkins                                            Maestro How do Apples Grow?




Tolhurst Somebody and the Three Blairs                                             Freeman Corduroy

Alborough Where’s My Teddy?                                                           Asch Bear Shadow                  Asch Skyfire

Kennedy Teddy Bears’ Picnic Asch Moongame                     Young Golden Bear

Mansell My Old Teddy Bear                                                                Freeman Pocket for Corduroy




Blumenthal The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum                        Mayer What a Bad Dream

Wood Little Penguin’s Tale




Bunting Happy Birthday, Dear Duck                                                   Moncure Now I Am Five

Carlstrom Happy Birthday, Jesse Bear                                                Moncure Now I Am Four

Heronneau Happy Birthday, Now You Are Three                                Rylant Birthday Presents

Hernonneau Happy Birthday, Now You Are Two                                Munsch Moira’s Birthday

Thaler Never Mail An Elephant                                                           Rice Benny Bakes a Cake

Asch Happy Birthday, Moon




Bridwell Clifford at the Circus                                                            Hill Spot Goes to the Circus

Brunhoff Babar’s Little Circus Star                                                     Pare Circus Days





Edwards Mortimer Mooner Stopped Taking a Bath                           Lobel Small Pig

Wilson The Day That Henry Cleaned His Room                                 Munsch Mud Puddle

Zion Harry the Dirty Dog                    Arnold Huggly Takes a Bath               Slangerup Dirt Boy




Neitzel The Dress I’ll Wear to the Party                                             Fox Shoes From Grandpa

Carlstrom Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?                                       Morris Hats, Hats, Hats

Arnold Huggly Gets Dressed               Gordon Drip, Drop                  Wells Max’s Dragon Shirt      




Lionni Little Blue and Little Yellow                 Rossetti Color              McMillan Growing Colors

Hoban Is It Red?  Is It Yellow?  Is It Blue?                                          Young Seven Blind Mice

Hoban Of Colors and Things                          Stinson Red is Best       Colors:  With Dib, Dab, and Dob

Baker White Rabbit’s Color Book                   Walsh Mouse Paint     Miller Do You Know Colors?




Rehm Left or Right                  Eastman Big Dog, Little Dog               McLenighan Stop-Go, Fast-Slow

Pluckrose Size                          Pluckrose Shape                                  Murphy A Pair of Socks

Pluckrose Length                     Murphy Give Me Half!                        Crimi Outside, Inside

McMillan One, Two, One Pair, Two Pair                                            Hoban Exactly the Opposite

Harris Hot, Cold, Shy, Bold, Looking at Opposites





Martin Building the New School                                  Merriam Bam, Bam, Bam

Hughes Working Hard with the Mighty Dump Truck      Jackson Hammers, Nails, Planks

Korman Working Hard with the Mighty Mixer           Diggers Diggers and Dumpers




Sheppard Right Number of Elephants             Wood Piggies              Carter Over the Meadow

Falwell Feast for 10                 Maccarone Monster Math                   Tafuri Who’s Counting?

Crews Ten Black Dots             O’Keefe One Hungry Monster            Giganti Notorious Numbers

Bogart 10 for Dinner               Carroll One Red Rooster                      Orgel Two Crows counting

Christelow Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed                          Slater Stay in Line




Parish Dinosaur Time                          Strickland Dinosaur Roar                    Penner Dinosaur Babies

Barton Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs              Whayne The Big Dinosaur Book         Goldish What is a Fossil?

Schwartz How I Captured a Dinosaur            Hennessy The Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard

Berenstain Day of the Dinosaurs         Cutts Now I Know More About Dinosaurs

Most Catch Me If You Can     Marzollo I’m Tyrannosaurus Rex        Berenstain King of the Dinosaurs



Bourgeois Franklin in the Dark           Dube Sticks and Stones           Sadler P.J. Funnybunny Camps Out

Modesitt Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse        Aliki Feelings               Wood Elbert’s Bad Word

Leonard How I Feel, Scared                Everitt Mean Soup                   Cooper Bear Under the Stairs

Fox Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge                                          Mayer I Was So Mad

Rice Because Brian Hugged His Mother                                             Lewis I’ll Always Love You




Schweninger Autumn Days                  Rockwell Apples and Pumpkins          Hall It’s Pumpkin Time

Maestro Why Do Leaves Change Color?        Packard Fall Leaves                Moffatt The Pumpkin Man

Bridwell Clifford’s First Autumn                     Titherington Pumpkin, Pumpkin





Quinn Garden in Our Yard                  Brown Sally’s Room                Wilhelm Bunny Trouble

Carlstrom Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear                                          Senisi Brothers & Sisters

Joosse Mama, Do You Love Me?        Anholt Twins Two by Two       Blume The Pain and the Great One

Bauer My Mom Travels a Lot             Rogers The New Baby             Alborough Cuddley Dudley

Berenstain The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby                                       Hughes Giving

Rylant The Relatives Came                  Teague Pigsty                          Morris Loving

Wilhelm More Bunny Trouble




Noble The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash                                        McQueen The Little Red Hen

Gammell Once Upon MacDonald’s Farm       Ripley Winter Barn      Miller Farm Alphabet Book

Adams Old MacDonald Had a Farm              Munsch Pigs                Scott Picture Book of Farm Animals

Whitehead Let’s Go to the Farm-ABC Adventures                             Curran Hello, Farm Animals

Kunhardt I’m Going to be a Farmer




Asch Just Like Daddy                                     Arno I Love You, Dad             Munsch David’s Father

Ziefert Daddy, Can You Play With Me?          Long Gone Fishing                  Mayer Just Me and My Dad

Hines Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti                                                           Hearn Dad’s Dinosaur Day

Hallinan We’re Very Good Friends, My Father and I                          Daly-Weir Daddy and Me

Maccarone I Shop With My Daddy                                                                  Bunting Perfect Father’s Day




Bridwell Clifford the Firehouse Dog               Maas Fire Fighters                 Hutchings Firehouse Dog

Kunhardt I’m Going to be a Fire Fighter        Packard I’m a Fire Fighter     Gibbons Emergency

Horowitz Working Hard with the Busy Fire Truck                                         Winkleman Firehouse

Slater All Aboard Fire Trucks





Pfeffer What’s it Like to Be a Fish?                            Metzger Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea




Marshall Goldilocks and the Three Bears        Keats John Henry                    McQueen Little Red Hen

Brett Town Mouse, Country Mouse                                                                Lionni Cornelius

Ross The Boy Who Cried Wolf                                                                        Mahy Seven Chinese Brothers Appleby Three Billy Goats Gruff                                                          Wallner City Mouse, Country Mouse




Barrett Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs               Namm Little Bear        Robinson We Love Fruit

Sharmat Gregory, the Terrible Eater                          Shelby Potluck            Snow Eat Your Peas, Louise

Leedy The Edible Pyramid:  Good Eating Every Day                                    Glazer On Top of Spaghetti




Hudson Bright Eyes, Brown Skin                    Levin Helping              Rogers Making Friends

McCullough Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes                 Anholt Kids                  Mayer Just My Friend and Me

What’s Under Your Hood, Orson?                  Clements Big Al           Udry Let’s Be Enemies

Allen-Meyer I Have a New Friend                                                      Burningham Mr. Grumpy’s Outing




Haskins Things I Like About Grandma                                               Mayer Just Grandma and Me

Ziefert Grandmas Are For Giving Tickles                                          Greenfield Grandpa’s Face

Ziefert Grandpas Are For Finding Worms                                          Wittman Special Trade




Maccarone Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox              Rogers Going to the Doctor    Zimmerman The Cow Buzzed

Maccarone My Tooth Is About to Fall Out     Steig Doctor DeSoto                Quinlan Brush Them Bright

Berger Germs Make Me Sick                          Gordon Keeping Clean            Silverman My Tooth is Loose

Katz Germs!  Germs!  Germs!             Hall Tooth Fairy                      Cherry Who’s Sick Today?

Rice Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disguting But…Invisible Germs

Holtzman Quarter From the Tooth Fairy        Mayer Just going to the Dentist

Gordon You Are What You Eat                       Mayer Good for You and Me

Barabas Let’s Find Out About Toothpaste     Bourgeois Franklin and the Tooth Fairy




Arnold No Jumping on the Bed                       Wood Silly Sally                      Arnold Green Wilma

Numeroff Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers Low Popcorn Shop                 Munsch 50 Below Zero

Slobodkina Caps for Sale                                Shaw Sheep in a Jeep              Nagel Two Crazy Pigs

Numeroff  If You Give a Moose a Muffin        Johnson Never Babysit the Hippopotamuses!

Trivizas Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig




Carle Very Quiet Cricket                     Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar            Carle Grouchy Ladybug

Whayne Big Butterfly Book                 Dobkin Great Bug Hunt                      McKissack Bugs

Cutts Look, a Butterfly                        Parker Bugs




Rabe Where’s Chimpy                         Abercrombie Charlie Anderson           Wilhelm I’ll Always Love You

DePaola Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs                                                  Rogers When a Pet Dies




Bridwell Clifford’s Manners                  Brown Perfect Pigs                 Joslin What Do You Say, Dear?

Joslin What Do You Do, Dear?            Cole Monster Manners            Parish Mind You Manners

Roberts Monster Manners                   Yee Big Black Bear                 Williams My Dog Never Says Please




Howe There’s a Monster Under My Bed        Hutchins Very Worst Monster              Arnold Huggly’s Pizza

Arnold Huggly Gets Dressed                           Williams Five Little Monsters

Arnold Huggly Goes to School                        Holub Happy Monster Day

Williams The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything                     Dickinson Monster Cake




Young Seven Blind Mice                      Tyron Albert’s Alphabet                      Cooney Miss Rumphius

Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar     Allen Who Sank the Boat?                   Van Allsburg Two Bad Ants

Hutchins The Doorbell Rang                Lobel Frog and Toad Are Friends

Provensen The Glorious Flight:  Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot, July 25, 1909

Lindbergh Nobody Owns the Sky:  The Story of “Brave Bess” Coleman

Claud Mother Goose Asks:  “Why?”  Program Leader’s Manual:  A Family Activity Guide Introducing Science Through Great Children’s Literature




Butterworth My Mom is Excellent       Gleeson Mom Goes to Work               Scott On Mother’s Lap

Christelow Don’t Wake Up Mama      Hill Celebrating Mother’s Day            Kroll Motherlove

Hafner Mommies Don’t Get Sick        Merrimam Mommies at Work              Arlo I Love You, Mom

McCourt I Miss You, Stinky Face        Kasza A Mother for Choco                 Valdes Happy Mother’s Day

McCourt I Love You, Stinky Face       Mayer Just Me & My Mom                 Hautzig Happy Mother’s Day

Buller I Love You, Good Night            Hallinan We’re Very Good Friends, My Mother and I

Ziefert Mommies are for Counting Stars        




Nikola-Lisa Being With You This Way Gray Country Far Away         Knight Welcoming Babies

Intrater Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth          Kates We’re Different, We’re the Same




Kovalski Take Me Out to the Ballgame          Brown Play Rhymes                Raffi Wheels on the Bus

Kovalski Wheels on the Bus                             Adams This Old Man               Star Spangled Banner

Raffi Shake My Sillies Out                               Dalton This is the Way

Adams There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly           Norworth Take Me Out to the Ballgame




DePaola The Legend of the Bluebonnet                      Moroney The Boy Who Loved Bears:  A Pawnee Tale




Hale Mary Had a Little Lamb                                     Galdone The Three Little Kittens




Rockwell My Dentist                           Rylant Mr. Griggs’ Work                     Butterworth Busy People

Kunhardt I’m Going to Be a Police Officer                                         Carle My Apron




Tate Katie K. Whale:  A Whale of a Tale                                            Clements Big Al

McMillan Going on a Whale Watch                                                    Lionni Swimmy




Packard The Pet That I Want              Carle Have You Seen My Cat?            Gordon Duckat

Bourgeois Franklin Wants a Pet         Brett Annie and the Wild Animals       Brett First Dog

Pfloog Puppies Are Like That             Calder If You Were a Cat                    Meddaugh Martha Speaks

Calder If You Were a Fish                   Brown Arthur’s Pet Business              Wolff Only the Cat Saw

Harper My Cats Nick and Nora




Carlson Arnie and the New Kid           Cowen-Fletcher Mama Zooms            Brown Arthur’s Eyes

Dobkin Just a Little Different             Carlson Here Comes Kate                   Osofsky My Buddy

Rogers Extraordinary Friends            Mayer Very Special Critter                 Ancona Handtalk Zoo

Brown Someone Special, Just Like You




Ehlert Growing Vegetable Soup          Gibbons From Seed to Plant               Krauss The Carrot Seed

Bunting Flower Garden                       Ehlert Planting a Rainbow                   Carle The Tiny Seed

Florian Vegetable Garden







Testi They’re Only Words                    Holler What’s the Difference               Testi It’s Up to Me

Machovec Hitting and Hurting           Williams We’re Responsible                 Holler You’re OK

Locar We’re On Our Own                   Machevoc We’re Street Smart            Nelson Play it Safe

Rostafinski Be Healthy, Be Wise           Castro We Must Say No                      Brown Dinosaurs, Beware





Delacre Time for School, Nathan                    Burnett Friends at School        Senisi Kindergarten Kids

Bourgeois Franklin Goes to School                 Loomis Cleanup Surprise        Munsch Show and Tell

Herman Time for School, Little Dinosaur       London Zack at School           Hennessy School Days

Wiseman Morris Goes to School                     Danneburg First Day Jitters    Hill Spot Goes to School

Medearis 100th Day of School                         Baer This is the Way We Go to School

Tompert Will You Come Back for Me?            London Froggy Goes to School

Bridwell Clifford’s First School Day               Weiss My Teacher Sleeps in School

Wells Timothy Goes to School                        Johnson What Will Mommy Do When I’m at School?




Molleson Easy Science Experiments               Berger All About Water           Markle Science in a Bag

Ripley Why is Soap so Slippery?                      Markle Science in a Bottle       Berger All About Sound

Amery Know How Book of Experiments        Jenkins Nest Full of Eggs        Gordon Seeing

Goodman All About the Five Senses               Zoehfeld What’s Alive?           Gordon Smelling

Gordon Tasting                                               Gordon Hearing                      Gording Touching




Hoffman Amazing Grace                     Anholt All About You                           Carlson I Like Me

Harte There’s Lots That I Can Do      Dobkin Everybody Says                      Lionni A Color of His Own

Carle Mixed-Up Chameleon               Caple Biggest Nose                             Freeman Dandelion

Wood Quick as a Cricket                   Henkes Chrysanthemum




Eberts Pancakes, Crackers and Pizza                                     Baker Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book

Rikys Red Bear’s Fun With Shapes                                         Allington Beginning to Learn About Shapes

Dodds The Shape of Things                                                    Fries I See Shapes




Hoban Baby Sister for Frances                       Johnson One of Three              Johnson Do Like Kyla

Keats Peter’s Chair                                        Mayer The New Baby




Branley The Sky is Full of Stars                      Hirst My Place in Space                      Dusling Stars

Sweeney Me and My Place in Space               Sweeney Me On the Map                    Marzollo I Am A Star



Kimmel Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock              Baker One Hungry Spider       Lunn Spiders and Webs

Trapani Itsy Bitsy Spider          Carle The Very Busy Spider                 Williams Spiders, Spiders Everywhere




Maccarone Soccer Game                    Bridwell Clifford’s Sports Day            Fox Koala Lou




Johnson Will Spring be Early?             Hoban Amy Loves the Rain                  Dunn Little Lamb

McCloskey Make Way for Ducklings              Rockwell First Comes Spring              Allington Spring

Craig Max and Maggie In Spring                    Preller Wake Me in Spring                   Krauss Happy Day

Gordon The First Day of Spring                     Bridwell Clifford’s Spring Cleanup    

Arnosky Rabbits and Raindrops                        Carr Splish, Splash, Spring     

Clifton The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Spring                                     Rockwell My Spring Robin





Hoban Amy Loves the Sun                  McPhail Emma’s Vacation                  Bridwell Clifford Keeps Cool




Conrad All Aboard Trucks                  Dobkin Truck Stop                              Crews Sail Away

Maccarone Cars, Cars, Cars               Robbins Boats                                      Rockwell Cars

McNaught Truck Book                        Crews Flying                                       Crews School Bus

Gibbons Trucks                                   Rockwell Boats                                    Barton Airport

Muntean Little Engine That Could and the Big Chase




Fleming In the Small, Small Pond                    Herriot Moses the Kitten                     Lillegard Frog’s Lunch

Arnosky Deer at the Brook                             Maestro Take a Look at Snakes




Boelts Little Bunny’s Cool Tool Set                Ada Gold Coin                        Lionni It’s Mine




Bridwell Clifford and the Big Storm                Hutchins The Wind Blew          Nelson A Sunny Day

Fowler What’s the Weather Today?                Tresselt Rain Drop Splash       Nelson A Windy Day

Meadearis We Play on a Rainy Day                Peters Water’s Way                 Nelson A Snow Day

Hest In the Rain With Baby Duck                    Serfozo Rain Talk                    Nelson A Rainy Day

                                                                                                                        Nelson A Cloudy Day





Neitzel The Jacket I Wear in the Snow            Pulver Mrs. Toggle’s Zipper                Keats The Snowy Day

Meadearis Here Comes the Snow                    Hoban Amy Loves the Snow               Lewison Hello, Snow

Wong From My Window                                 Schweninger Wintertime                      Brett The Mitton

Morgan Sadie and the Snowman                     London Froggy Gets Dress                

Branley Snow is Falling                                   Maas When Winter Comes

Rockwell The First Snowfall




Guarino Is Your Mama a Llama?                    Buckley The Greedy Python                Kuchalla Bears

Rathmann Good Night, Gorilla



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